Panel wants code of conduct at Saint Mary's -

Panel wants code of conduct at Saint Mary’s

Infamous frosh chant glorified sexual assault


HALIFAX – A panel launched in the aftermath of a frosh week chant that glorified the sexual assault of young girls has delivered a report calling on Saint Mary’s University to develop a school-wide code of conduct.

The report makes 20 recommendations aimed at fostering a cultural change at the Halifax school to prevent sexual violence and encourage respectful behaviour.

Wayne MacKay, a law professor at Dalhousie University, was appointed to lead the panel that consulted with students, faculty members and alumni about ways to avoid similar incidents in the future.

MacKay says Saint Mary’s University should also invest in education programs to teach students about healthy sexuality and the importance of consent.

The university set up the panel after a video surfaced on Instagram showing student leaders singing a chant about underage, non-consensual sex to about 400 new students at an event during orientation week in September.


Panel wants code of conduct at Saint Mary’s

  1. Greetings.
    May this horrible reality teach the whole university crowd that they have been sliding in a sad and terrible direction for many years. Sex has been reduced to an instant gratification event devoid of a mature understanding and experience.
    The students are only repeating what they have heard their parents say.

    May we all accept responsibility and may we all make an effort to change without becoming so tied up in knots that we are afraid to say the word sex.