Parking woes hit University of Regina

School oversells parking passes by 25 per cent


Photo courtesy of Kevin Krejci on Flickr

Students with vehicles are circling the parking lots to hunt for spots at the University of Regina — and they say it’s making them late for classes.

Many are frustrated because they had purchased parking passes in advance, but the university sold 25 per cent more passes than there are spots.

As many as 6,250 drivers could compete for 5,000 spaces at any given time, reports Global Regina. It’s unlikely that all drivers would ever show up simultaneously, but demand for spots is clearly outstripping supply.

The university’s population grew by 11 per cent this year, but Thomas Chase, Vice President (Academic) says that its residences and classrooms are ready to handle the growth.

Parking is increasingly difficult at other schools too. A Dalhousie University professor quit his job in August because, he said, it’s nearly impossible to find a parking spot. There are only 2,000 stalls for 20,000 staff and students at the Halifax school. Dalhousie sells as many as 3,300 passes per year.

But drivers aren’t frustrated at all universities. Some schools have ample — indeed affordable — parking. To see for yourself, click here for the 10 most (and least) expensive parking passes.


Parking woes hit University of Regina

  1. The issue with parking comes from a large amount of students not buying a parking pass but still parking in the lots. They are not patrolled as well as they could be so students take the chance of getting a ticket, because for the most part it will go unnoticed when they put up a parking pass from a previous year. Personally, I have not had an issue finding a parking spot, and many of the people who complaining are the ones who only wish to park in a lot closest to the school instead of in a lot that is further away. The student union has now decided that the increased price in parking tickets isn’t fair, which doesn’t make any sense when the students are dealing with a parking issue. The increase will discourage students from parking illegally. The tickets went up from $15 to $65. In the past semester I have heard students saying that they will not buy a pass until they get 5 or more tickets because the tickets cost less than a parking pass, so this is where the issue comes from. The student union wants the price to go back down to $15. This would not help the problem, but only make it worse. It appears that they just want to make it cheaper for students to park illegally so that it’s in their budget. They feel that this will only hurt the students who have passes who have been forced to park illegally in the past, but this only happened because of so many people parking with a pass. An increase in parking tickets is a good thing. It will give those with passes more spots and force those without a pass to not park illegally because a ticket will not be in their budget. The U of R president may not have heard about the issues, but why would a student go directly to the president to complain? Instead they complain to each other and parking services about the issues, and parking services has listened and upped the ticket prices. Another way to get more space would be for people to park properly, instead of leaving half a car of space between everyone, there would be many additional spots if students parked where they were suppose to. This shouldn’t be an issue, but the student’s union is making it into one. If they actually cared they would be advocating additional parking space, not a decrease in ticket prices.

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