Peak Opinions Editor on UofT 14


I could not have said it better myself: http://the-peak.ca/article/3531


Peak Opinions Editor on UofT 14

  1. I believe at least the Ontario justice system gives you a chance at a fair trial.

    Not so much for the student codes of non-academic conduct (which U of T is also using in that case any many others, as reported by The Varsity). This is troubling for me, because no matter how much the university administrations downplay it, there is a common feeling in the student population that filing a complaint, contesting a decision of a prof or administrator, etc. can put them into trouble.

    So the more heavy-handed the administration is, the more these “moderately political” students get silent, and ironically, you hear more and more only the most aggressive student activists (those the administration wanted to silence in the first place), because those are the ones that are not afraid of the code.

    But I’ve never seen people sit down and think about the multiple levels of consequences of university decisions. Most of the time they just copy the rules that exist elsewhere (in U of Ottawa’s case, we copy from U of T).

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