Phony degrees put Osgoode law school on high alert -

Phony degrees put Osgoode law school on high alert

Will implement tougher “verification measures” to help detect admissions fraud


The Toronto Star is reporting that Osgoode Hall Law School will tighten admissions procedures following revelations that a third-year student used a phony degree to enter the York University law program.

The school’s dean, Patrick Monahan, says admissions integrity is of utmost importance and they are “investigating additional verification measures that could be put in place to detect cases of fraud in the admission process.”

When even one student gets admitted improperly, he says, it hurts the admissions chances of another student in addition to damaging Osgoode’s reputation.

The Star says student Quami Frederick was found to have used a degree purchased from an Internet diploma mill to get accepted into the law program in 2006. More recently, Frederick submitted photocopies of transcripts in which her Osgoode Hall marks were inflated when she successfully applied for an articling job at the Bay St. law firm Wildeboer Dellelce, LLP.

Frederick, 28, now faces an Osgoode Hall disciplinary hearing that could lead to expulsion. The law firm has withdrawn its job offer.


Phony degrees put Osgoode law school on high alert

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  2. Could McLeans please investigate the issues of diploma and accreditation mills further? I suspect a lawyer in Hamilton ON has a fake law degree diploma from Jamaica. Here are some other articles on similar subject. The Jamaica scandal has a Canadian connection

    I suspect also that the Law Society of Upper Canada is becoming an ‘accreditation mill’. As I understand it, those with ‘law degrees’ from other countries apply to the LSUC for accreditation. They write a test they provide. I am concerned that some of the law clerks that are working for the LSUC’s complaints department may have fake law degrees or fake law clerk degrees as I keep getting the same person taking my complaints. I haven’t been allowed to have it viewed by more senior staff or the executive directors overseeing complaints. Those executives have told me they “don’t do that” they just let bad or questionable legal and professional conduct decisions ride

  3. Patrick Monahan has falsely accused students before. Are you sure this story is correct?