Please oh please make education an election issue -

Please oh please make education an election issue


From the Ubyssey:

Ian Boyko, CFS government relations co-ordinator, says the federation wants federal parties to adopt several CFS policies. Most of these policies advocate for an increase in federal funding. The CFS would like to see funds increased to provincial transfer payments, to Statistics Canada, to aboriginal students, to the Canada Student Grant Program, and to the Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

One might be tempted to recall the Ontario provincial election from last fall. Shelley Melanson, who currently chairs the CFS-Ontario board, threatened Dalton McGuinty. “That man will get re-elected in this election if he’s willing to agree to deal with tuition fees, but we will kick him out of office if he doesn’t,” she promised. A familiar preoccupation for student politicians. McGuinty all but flipped them off to absolutely no consequence.

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Please oh please make education an election issue

  1. Carson, it’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to say here. Also, was Melanson chair of the CFS-Ontario board or just President of CUSA when she made this comment? You blog post makes it seem like the former.

  2. She currently holds the position of CFS-O chair. At the time she was president of CUSA and CFS national women’s representative.

  3. Small point: I believe that quote was uttered at a demonstration held outside his constituency office in Ottawa South. As such, the reference could have been to his status as an MPP, rather than premier…after all, he’s never really run up giga-majorities in the riding…

  4. That is a good point, but McGuinty still won the riding with 50% of the vote, a share he has consistently received since his he has held the riding, with the exception of his first time being elected in 1990 where he received 46% of the vote. In this last election his lead over the next closest challenger (the PCs) widened from 8234 votes to 9700 votes. The NDP, in third place, earned an extra 169 votes this time around compared to 2003.

    So, I will concede that there is a strong chance that Melanson’s comments were meant to refer to Carleton students living in the Ottawa South riding. But McGuinty still faced no consequences, at least when considering his share of the vote, from Melanson’s threat.