McGill student investigated over Twitter threats

Conservative film screening prompts comments about shooting ‘everyone in this room’


Montreal police are investigating a McGill University student who allegedly posted threatening comments to Twitter, the McGill Tribune reported. Haaris Khan made the comments while attending a film screening of Indoctrinate U, hosted by Conservative McGill and Libertarian McGill last Wednesday.

One of Khan’s messages, according to screen shots obtained by campus Conservatives, read, “I want to shoot everyone in this room,” while another read, “I should have brought an M16.” Indoctrinate U is a documentary that alleges American universities are biased against conservative ideas, and around 20 people attended the McGill screening. Khan also wrote that “I’ve infiltrated a Zionist meeting” and “I feel like I’m at a Satanist ritual.”

After learning of the Twitter messages last Thursday, Conservative McGill members contacted university security, who informed the police. Police opened an investigation, but no arrests have yet been made. It was confirmed that Khan does not own a gun.

Khan, who has since deactivated his Twitter account, says the comments were not intended as genuine threats.” Whatever comes into my mind, I say it on Twitter,” he told the Tribune.

Kevin Pidgeon, a Conservative McGill member, said he did feel threatened by the online remarks. “I’m 100 per cent for free speech . . . But when it encroaches on my and about 15 other people’s right to life . . . I think right to life wins out over right to free speech,” he said.

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McGill student investigated over Twitter threats

  1. Jewish Students at McGill Respond to Hateful Comments

    Hillel Montreal and the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students (CFJS) are disturbed by an incident reported in the McGill Tribune where a student posted threatening and violent comments online directed at pro-Israel students (http://www.mcgilltribune.com/news/student-investigated-for-hateful-tweets-1.2107216)

    Hillel Montreal and CFJS applaud the decision of McGill University and the Montreal Police to investigate this matter fully. We remain confident that the appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the safety and security of all students on campus.

    “This incident is an isolated event reflecting the disturbing views of a single individual,” said Corey Omer, President of Hillel Montreal. “There is no indication that this situation is representative of the climate at McGill University or at any of Montreal’s academic institutions.”

    “Universities across the country have an obligation to ensure threats like these are dealt with swiftly and appropriately,” said Aaron Vomberg, President of CFJS. “We are pleased to see that this appears to be the case in Montreal.”

    For more information, please contact:

    Corey Omer
    President | Hillel Montreal

    Aaron Vomberg
    President | Canadian Federation of Jewish Students

  2. But Mr. Khan is moslem, how can he be guilty of hate?

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