Police investigating homicide near York campus

YFS to raise safety concerns at Thursday forum


Toronto police confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating the death of a York University student as a homicide. Qian Liu’s body was found in her room on Aldwinckle Heights, close to the York campus, Friday morning at around 11:00 am. She had been speaking with a friend from Beijing over the internet at around 1:00 am, when the webcam reportedly shut down, prompting her friend to send emails to others in Toronto.

The incident has shaken the York community, as concerns continue to grow about security in the area. “We’re very concerned about this because of the proximity to the campus,” a university spokesperson told Postmedia. Earlier this month, another woman was allegedly assaulted at a campus bar.

The York Federation of Students (YFS) issued a statement that mentioned another assault in the area, but few details were given. “Another person has been raped near the York University campus just days after the murder of a young woman in the York Village,” the statement read. In response,YFS will be hosting a “Take Back the Village Community Forum” on Thursday in order to draw attention to safety concerns in the area.

“Students feel as though the York Administration is dragging its feet implementing significant changes to ensure safety at York University, which is both frustrating and upsetting,” Vanessa Hunt, YFS president-elect, said.

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Police investigating homicide near York campus

  1. It’s very tramatic what has happened to this young woman. I have long been opposed to men and women living together in Community living. It is not a smart idea. Add to that mix, young people,& immaturity is a disaster waiting to happen – which in this case was unfortunately fatal. To have a male stalker living under the same roof pursuing his potential victim, must have been discustingly stressful for the victim. Landlords need to stop looking to make a quick buck by putting men & women under the same roof. Either have a rooming/board home for females or males NOT both. This could have been prevented if this nasty psycho guy didn’t have close access to this poor young woman. I hope the family sue & sue big!