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Police raid U of T campus

Update: At least 70 protesters arrested


Early Sunday, police raided a building on the University of Toronto campus. At least 50 people, not believed to be students, have been arrested and charges are pending. (Update: The number of arrested has risen to at least 70.)

A spokesman for the Integrated Security Unit says officers have found a cache of “street-type weaponry” such as bricks. Dozens of officers were combing bushes and garbage cans, collecting articles of black clothing

A G20 demonstration turned violent Saturday when a peaceful protest was infiltrated by anarchists who deployed the so-called Black Bloc tactic. The latest arrests brings the number of people in detention to more than 500.

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Police raid U of T campus

  1. the demo turned violent when cops started beating people. at least the anarchists would stand up for themselves, shit even some of the union folk are getting back on side aggressive action as they have relearned that masturbatory circle marches may not affect change…