Practically stylish at the University of Waterloo -

Practically stylish at the University of Waterloo

Fall fashion from the engineering mecca


The latest stop on Jessica Darmanin’s Campus Style tour was the University of Waterloo. If ever there was proof that engineers are practical people, it’s in these photos. Waterloo engineers dress even more slack than guys at Guelph with jeans, zip-ups and big backpacks (probably full of computer gear). There are, of course, exceptions, like a few psychology students. After clicking each photo, why not show us your style? Tweet your photo to @maconcampus or post it on Facebook.


Practically stylish at the University of Waterloo

  1. Most of the engineering students were better dressed than the psych faculty. Quit it with the generalisations–I can’t believe Maclean’s would publish this.
    The author really missed their mark on this one.

  2. The fact that most of the eng faculty spends around 6-8 hours on campus all day compared to a couple hours for people in psych may have something to do with the slack dressing…

  3. HMM-HMMM I want some of that chocolate Chem Eng drizzled all over me. ;)

  4. Oh that African Canadian male is dressed very well, and I have to admit that he is very physically attractive. I wish that he picked UofT instead of Wloo. mehh… tOO BAD :( ..

  5. Most UW students are dressed more like pink tracksuit here than anything else