Premier Williams vetoed MUN presidential candidate?

“Individuals familiar with the situation” say that is the case


From The Globe and Mail:

The year-long hunt for a new president at Newfoundland’s Memorial University is at a standstill after Premier Danny Williams quashed the selection of the candidate chosen by a special search committee, say those familiar with the process.

The intervention, an unusual move at a public Canadian university, has the campus buzzing and is raising concerns about academic independence and the role of those chosen to govern the institution. While the provincial government has long had the last say on the appointment of Memorial’s president, that role has been a formality for decades, say those involved in past searches. Now, they say, the Premier’s involvement has thrown the process into disarray.

I have heard rumours about this alleged happening but I have not been able to substantiate them with anyone close to the selection process. The whole anonymous “individuals familiar with the situation” thing is a bit too Niger-gate for my taste.


Premier Williams vetoed MUN presidential candidate?

  1. So by the reference to Niger-gate, you’d be suggesting that the entire story has been invented?

  2. Of course, with this evening’s news we find that pretty much all the story thus far in the public domain turns out to be true.

  3. Thanks Ed. It’s great that we can always count on you to defend Memorial and its faculty members.

  4. When autonomy of the university is an issue, of course I am concerned.

    When individual academic freedom is an issue at one of my alma maters, of course I am concerned.

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