Private university leaves students out -

Private university leaves students out

University Canada West closed its Victoria campus with students in the middle of classes


After the closure of its Victoria campus, University Canada West students have been left scrambling to transfer to other institutions. The private university, which is recognized and accredited by the B.C. government, closed the campus last month and informed students that they could directly transfer to the Vancouver campus.

Two students, Josey Reynolds and Ricki Petersen, who started their degree programs just last semester told CBC News how they received notice of the closure the day after the deadline for withdrawing from classes without financial penalty. “To me, its just totally unethical to sign up people for a two-year degree and not follow through,” Petersen said.

Both students were financing their studies through publicly funded government loans, and do not wish to move to Vancouver. Instead they would prefer to transfer to Camosum College, but there is concern over how much of their UCW credits they will be able to transfer.

CBC further reported that after they had made inquiries, a spokesman for Eminata, the company that owns UCW, confirmed that the school will aid the students in completing their programs. “We will do right by the students. We will do what it takes to support them in either their transferability of their credits — whatever we need to do to help them with that,” Royden Trainor said. Trainor also said that students will be credited for courses they did not complete due to the closure.

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Private university leaves students out

  1. I attend a school under the Eminata umbrella, doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Just to let you know that Vancouver Career College that was located on Pandora and Douglas also faced the same treatment back in 2006. Vancouver Career College is owned by Eminata as well. What few people know is that it was sold to the former Director of VCC at the time and opened up and relocated on Yates Street. Sharon opened up Insignia College of Health and Business because she didn’t want the students to go through what these students at UCW are going through. Sharon has never owned a college, but knew the ropes of the running of a college by her years of working for a few local colleges like On-Track, CDI, Compu College and Vancouver Career College. Sharon has always felt that the student’s needs are valuable since they are there for their future.