Problems with WordPress 2.3


Overnight, I finished a blog post on the topic of university scheduling.

It was an interesting piece in which I expressed my opinion that universities waste a great deal of time during the academic year. I’d been working on it for a few days off and on. It was an interesting post.

When I decided to publish, a glitch in WordPress 2.3 resulted in the very rough draft entitled “The private university debate” being published instead.

This is the reason that I pulled “The private university debate” off the site today. I’m going to finish it when I get a chance and eventually rewrite the post on scheduling.

I always try to find a positive spin on things. I wasn’t really happy with the structure of my scheduling posts and the second writing of any post is always better than the first.

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Problems with WordPress 2.3

  1. You realize WordPress is on 2.7 now right?

  2. I’ve been using WP 2.7 on my personal server since Beta 1. It’s amazing.

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