Professor opposes honourary degree for Don Cherry

Too bad, says Royal Military College


A member of the faculty at Royal Military College in Kingston, Ont. is speaking out against an honourary doctorate degree that will be awarded to hockey commentator Don Cherry, reports the Kingston Whig Standard. French professor Catherine Lord argues that Cherry has said contemptuous things about gay and lesbian people, immigrants and French Canadians. But the college’s spokesperson said that the degree will go ahead, adding: “for more than two decades, Don Cherry has been a supporter of the military and of military families.” Cherry, co-host of Coach’s Corner on CBC, has raised funds for military families and made visits to Afghanistan to raise the profile of Canadian troops. Cherry recently faced threats of legal action for calling three hockey players “turncoats” and “hypocrites” for their beliefs on fighting in hockey. He has since apologized.


Professor opposes honourary degree for Don Cherry

  1. shame shame Catherine Lord you do a disservice to your country shame!

  2. Catherine Lord is not a French professor. She is a civil servant employed as a second language tutor.

  3. Catherine Lord may master languages, one or maybe a handle and had made a trip as a scholar or university/college profesor. Canadians do not need to teach one or more languages to show more respect for our Normandy heroes than she may during her lifestime. French speaking, or minorities including the writer, respect and support our military not because its origin but since we have visited Normandy and have seen what war brought to us. Catherine Lord, a simple college profesor with a language skills has no title to question Canadians’ unquestionable love to our military and those who love and support our Canadian military. That includes Don Cherry.

  4. And what has Catherine Lord done for Canada besides whine?

    My kids know more about our military thanks to Don Cherry. Schools have not done a good enough job educating them about our military. I’ve done my part, but they see the passion and care that Mr. Cherry has for our military and it hits home for them.

    No other Canadian has done what Mr Cherry has. Mr Harper is all lip service but doesn’t deliver and most celebrities don’t speak up. Why do we always give these whiners like Catherine Lord a platform? Oh yeah, because we have free speech. Enjoy what you have Ms Lord, thanks to our military and people like Don Cherry.

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