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Putting bibles in the classroom?

Ontario school board votes in favour of distributing bibles


religion, bible, classroom, school boardAn Ontario school board recently voted in favour of handing out Bibles to grade five students. The free Bibles, provided by The Gideons of Canada to the Waterloo Region District School Board, were only given out to those students whose parents had given their permission and, according to an article in the National Post, “…a guarantee that the Bibles were not intended for in-school use.”

However, according to the article in the Post, the board’s decision to get involved with handing out Bibles has the community “divided.”

“The distribution of these Bibles is causing division in our community and making many of our teachers uncomfortable,” said Rick Pryce, a local Lutheran minister. “This is an issue of justice and it is wrong to divide people along religious lines.”

A trustee with the board defended the board’s decision, arguing that the school even has an obligation to offer religious instruction in the classrooms.

“A public school needs to educate the whole child … It seems to me if we want to see students survive in life and make the correct decisions they have to have some knowledge of religious feeling,” said Colin Harrington. “The important message religion has to tell you is about compassion and love and caring for your neighbour and not being simply selfish to one’s desires. The programs in the schools are not cutting it. If you deny the religious experience in your education system you open the door to the demonic experience.”

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Putting bibles in the classroom?

  1. I still have the Bible, distributed by the Gideon Society, I received in grade 5 from the Waterloo Region District School Board. Quite honestly, I’m thankful for it. I am not sure I understand the concern. Christianity,whether you choose to believe it or not, is the stronghold of our nation!
    E. Carse

  2. What an interesting subject! I’m surprised that they didn’t make other Religion based materials available to the students i.e. Catholicism,Muslim,etc….
    Great read Scott!

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  4. I doubt those who support this–even those who think that they should distribute materials for other religions as well–would be excited if someone wanted to distribute materials that promote atheism like the God Delusion or something like that.

  5. If religion is studied as a purely academic subject, there can be few whom would express an objection. If however it is studied purely as a faith based subject then I would have to agree with the previous statement, is atheism to be given full and equal coverage in the class room? If not, then none of it should be presented.

  6. As an atheist, I can honestly say that this is an excellent idea. What better way to teach children how absurd Christianity really is than to give them a bible to find out for themselves? I think that, in all fairness, the children should also be provided with a list of Bible absurdities with every Bible. We could even rubber stamp inside the cover of each bible a link to one or more of the many web sites outlining all the absurdities for the students to discover. All this fuss over the poorly written piece of tripe known as the Gideon Bible only gives it more power than it actually has. I say, seize this opportunity to educate our children about the truth of this blood cult/religion.

  7. Honestly, it makes me sad how racists run around websites promoting anti-christian propaganda. If you wish to be a bigot, at least have the common decency to not hide behind your computer screen when advertising hate. Instead, if you can work up the courage, you can come have an argument with myself, a christian, and the millions of others in canada who choose to express the christian faith, unafraid of the prejudice you so viciously put out.