Quebec fines McGill over MBA tuition hike

University dinged $2.1 million for breaking provincial tuition rules


Quebec has finally followed through on a threat to punish McGill University for raising tuition for MBA students from $3,400 a year to $29,500 or 900 per cent. The university will see a $2.1 million decrease to its government subsidy until it lowers tuition fees for the program, the Canadian Press has reported. McGill announced the hike during the 2009-10 school year and did not seek government approval. Although the province had threatened repeatedly to claw back funding equivalent to what the university will gain from the increase, it was only earlier this month, that Quebec education minister Line Beauchamp indicated that she would do so. She had asked her staff to request a list of all MBA students so that the fine could be calculated.

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Quebec fines McGill over MBA tuition hike

  1. That is a shame. All of the other provinces have allowed their universities to offer private graduate programs as a way to increase funding and compete on a global scale.

    McGill unfortunately is in Quebec and in Quebec discrimination is legal. Expecially when it comes to funding english speaking universities. Note University of Montreal is far better funded…


  2. As an undergrad at McGill, I’m really glad to see this. I certainly can’t afford $29 000 a semester. Even if they give about $12 000 in aid, as McGill claims, that’s still a ridiculous amount of money! My mother’s a secretary! It might as well be a million dollars for us!

    I want to stay at McGill, but if they don’t lower tuition costs, I might have to downgrade to another Quebec university.

  3. If you are an undergrad at McGill, you are not in the MBA program. Can you even read?

    • stephanie might mean when she does go into the MBA program in the future.

  4. Then you probably want your university to have better funding… do you not? You want to stay or go to McGill MBA because it has a strong MBA program. If you’re looking for somewhere cheap to go, why not just go to some no name MBA program for its cheap tuition. $23 000 is around average for MBA tuition around North America, so I don’t see the problem… I agree with the first post, shame on Quebec. $3400 tuition? That is like a god-send, but will probably reflect upon the MBA quality in the long run; good programs needs good funding. Undergraduate tuition is less more than $3400 just so you know… so I am honestly speechless by Quebec Governments actions when I saw this, complete nonsense.

  5. I am glad that Quebec government took, in the end, this decision. The fees were inappropriate and discriminatory. That was the reason the number of applicants decreased dramatically. It was a selective program for the wealthy people. The increased fee was the reason I withdrew my application.

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