Quebec premier offers strikers concessions

Jean Charest would reduce tuition hikes to $254 per year


Quebec Premier Jean Charest has offered concessions to student groups opposed to the tuition hike of $1,625 over five years, in hopes they’ll end their protests. Charest says he would spread the increase across seven years instead of five. That means fees would go up by $254 each year, instead of $325, although the hikes would continue until 2019 instead of 2017. The premier would also add $39 million in new bursaries, would link loan payments directly to income (as his government previously proposed) and would create a council to oversee the management of the province’s universities. The 10-week-old strike has put many students’ semesters in jeopardy and has spawned violent protests, including one on Wednesday at which 85 people were arrested.


Quebec premier offers strikers concessions

  1. This strike has to end now as the the students unfortunately lost all credibility when their protests turned violent. I’m also a little (well more a lot) concerned with their arguments in the first place. Quebec has the lowest tuition in the country. As a graduate from an Ontario university I was burdened with more than 35000 in student loans. This translates loosely to a little less than 8000 a year. The students are fighting to keep tuition at 2168 per year!!! Seriously, they should be happy that qc hasn’t aligned with other provinces. I admit when I was in school and my eyes started to open to what I thought was the real world I was just as vocal as anyone else. Now that I am married with children and have a career I realized just how disillusioned I really was as a student. What i would really like to see is an accounting, penny by penny of where the student loans are going. Meaning for those who’s argument is that they will be in more debt when they graduate…show me (as a tax payer who subsidizes the fees) where you spent your loan. I can say with confidence (and from experience) that most students have allocated some of their tuition money towards a couple of nights out. This basically means you have borrowed money to subsidize drinking at a bar. Let’s be real, I know there are some of you out there who probably used the money towards what is meant for, I concede that. Those of you who have used the funds for non educational items need to shake your head and realign your priorities. Stop complaining, go back to school, get your degree, find a job and pay back your loans. I did, a lot of others have as well. I will also give you some advispce based on experience. As a student I lived poor. When I graduated and got a job I continued to live poor as I was used it. I took the extra income from my job and focused on paying off my student loan.
    There will most likely be a counter argument to my point and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would simply ask that when you make your argument, print the article, print my comment and your rebuttal. Put it in a safe place for 3 to 4 years after you graduate then read it. The point of the exercise is to see how drastically your opinion will change once REAL life smacks you in the face.

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