Quebec students protest tuition hikes

Students worried university will be less accessible


About 150 students protested the provincial government’s announcement yesterday that tuition will rise $325 a year for five years. The students gathered outside Bonaventure Hotel this morning, where fiance minister Raymond Bachand was discussing his budget. Although the protesters were blocking traffic, the students were reportedly peaceful. Tuition in Quebec has been frozen for all but 10 of the past 43 years, and by the time tuition has finished increasing, students will be paying an extra $1,625 a year. “When the students see tuition exploding it gives them a weird message that they are not wanted,” Leo Bureau Blouin, President of the Quebec Federation of Cegep Students told CTV News.

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Quebec students protest tuition hikes

  1. I think Quebec university students should be happy that their tuition is so low! Have they checked out tuition in the other Canadian provinces? It is much, much higher anywhere else.

    In Alberta, for example, tuition at the U of A in the faculties of Arts, Science, etc. is $3,302.08 per term, or just over $6,600 a year. Engineering is almost $3500 a term, or $7000 per year. So I think Quebec students shouldn’t complain about such a small increase – their tuition is still far lower than they would be paying anywhere else.

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  3. Only $1625 a year? And they’re complaining? I pay $1509 a SEMESTER, and I would certainly welcome only paying $1625 a year. And here I thought I was attending one of the cheapest universities in Canada!

    Some people just don’t realize how good they have it and simply need to complain. To those students in Quebec: do a little bit of research to see what tuition is like around the country before complaining. You have NOTHING to complain about in terms of tuition fees so get over yourselves.

  4. I believe the article is supposed to read that they will be paying an extra $1625 a year with this new increase. Not that their tuition is only $1625. I think it’s a typo. Also I pay around $6000 a year. Tuition is getting ridiculously high in this country. I will be in debt for quite some time trying to pay my student loans.

  5. How can you so easily compare Quebec with the other Canadian provinces when Quebecers have the hight taxe rate in NORTH AMERICA! And its for a reason…So that social services (Health, education…) stay cheap.
    Its a simple calculation, consider this, for a 40hour a week job at minimum wage quebecers get deducted about 2000$ a year more then in other provinces.

  6. Web editor here. Tuition is rising by $325 a year for five years, increasing tuition by a total of $1625. Our apologies for any confusion.

    • Thank you for the clarification.

      That being said, Quebec has long had the lowest tuition rates in the country so the complaining of Quebec students still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Unless it has to do with the fact that they have to pay more than they think they should have to. Join the rest of Canadian students in that particular cry – I don’t think there are any students that think they should pay what they are charged for tuition, books, and other fees. Getting a higher education shouldn’t be so damn expensive.

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