Quick Memes: the new campus obsession

Students at Nipissing U. early to embrace trend


Students have a new online obsession. Quickmemes.com allows anyone to add their own funny captions to photos of familiar Internet stars, like Rebecca Black, before sharing them on Facebook.

The trend is starting to spread, but one community’s Facebook walls are already littered with Quick Memes. There are more than 1,300 “likes” on the unofficial Nipissing University Memes Facebook page. That’s a lot for a school with just 4,500 students. The page for the North Bay, Ontario school has become a place to share both points of pride (the fries at campus pub The Wall) and common complaints (transportation to the hilltop campus). Here are just a few of the dozens of memes from the Nipissing page that will make you laugh and then share, just like that Rebecca Black video.

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Quick Memes: the new campus obsession

  1. One does not simply

    Explain memes.

    This is what an article from “2009” would look like.

    • “like”…. or “plus+1”.

      Seems like someone had to fill his weekly article quota. :-)

  3. Yes I did make the Dos Equis one….

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