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Racism persists on campuses, study finds

The CFS Task Force on Racism final report sums up their findings from fourteen schools


A “culture of racism” exists on Ontario campuses, according to a report released Monday by the Canadian Federation of Students.

The report, commissioned by the CFS Task Force on Campus Racism lists more than 50 recommendations in over 15 categories for schools to counter racism in daily campus life—from the classroom to campus media.

The group conducted seventeen hearings at fourteen campuses where they spoke with “racialised” students about their experiences with racism on campus.

Cases are sourced in the report from these hearings, including incidents of Blackface, when White people paint their faces black for entertainment or performance purposes.

The report also highlighted, that “multicultural” events often designed to celebrate diversity, sometimes hinder it, by promoting token stereotypes and not representing true “culture.”

In their conclusion, the task force recommends that schools adopt their recommendations into individual policies. Theses recommendations, the report says, are all in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code.

But the code, the report says, “puts the onus on institutions and organisations to implement a human rights framework.”


Racism persists on campuses, study finds

  1. I have no problem with a multicultural staff (not discussed in this article but in another that linked to this one), as long as they can speak English! This may seem to be a tad racist, but ask any University student who they believed the worse professor they have ever had was, and I can almost guarantee that it will be someone that had an accent that made learning both impossible and unenjoyable. I have had professors ruin classes for me. I have had TA’s ruin classes for me. No matter how intelligent they may be, their ability to communicate ideas to their students, not their ability to pound out research papers, should be the defining trait. Sometimes I walk out of my classes thinking, how the heck did this person get hired? Did they have an interview? /vent

  2. the link to the report is broken…

  3. Thanks Robin. Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

  4. Racism on campus? Look no further than CUPE (The Canadian Union of Public Employees), Islamists backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and foreign governments, so-called “Palestinian” groups and their servile and ignorant followers and the leftist branches of useless university departments whose programs target the West and everyone dumb enough to allow them unfettered freedom to spout their self-hate.

  5. Truthbetold is way off base. Is he seriously blaming the presence of a racially descriminatory environment on campus on socialists in general,a quasi religious fascist movement, unnamed governments, and palestinians in general?

    His comment is really indicative of the sense of loss of white privilage that is at the root of the thinly veiled racism that the report speaks to.

    For the record, I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Man. About the category that has the least to worry about in terms of being targeted for racism. In terms of White privilage, I also am in the category that has the most power to lose due to multiculturalism. But when I ask myself, Why I get what I get, and others don’t, It’s impossible to be an ethical person with out understanding that, though I do well academically and socially, it’s easier for me because I’m a member of the dominant race in canada. If we hold ourselves to our fundamental canadian beliefs of democracy and the beleif that the good of all is good for all, this shouldn’t stand.

    One can have issues with backward cultural beliefs ( of which we white canadians have our fair share). this has nothing at all to do with skin colour. After all, If we judged all white people by the examples of an extreme few, white people would have as negative a stereotype as any other group.