Economist will suggest scrapping 30 per cent tuition grants

Ontario grapples with deficit


Banking guru Don Drummond will recommend that Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario Liberals scrap the 30 per cent Ontario Tuition Grant that came into effect just last month, reports the Toronto Star. The former TD Bank chief economist will release a 700-page report on Wednesday that will help the Liberals chart a course to paying down Ontario’s $16 billion deficit. The report suggests spending will need to be limited to just $6.3 billion over the next five years or just 0.8 per cent more per year. That’s an enormous task considering that spending has risen from $83.5 billion in 2005-06 to $124 billion last year. The 30 per cent off tuition grant offers roughly 300,000 college and university students a rebate of $730 or $1,600 each. The program costs nearly $500-million per year.


Economist will suggest scrapping 30 per cent tuition grants

  1. This is a terrible article. It’s way too short and the title is misleading. He’s proposing cutting a ton of things if they need to cut that much. Also, no justification is provided about the pro’s and cons of this issue. Whether of not the decision is a right one, this article is garbage.

  2. We are where we are because we have voted in once again a guy that has taken us to where we are today, and we deserve what we got as it was “some” of us poorly informed folks who voted this guy in again, and again and again, and I proud to say I was not one of them….

    • Would you like a medal? Maybe those of us who did saw nothing better in the other parties. Better the evil you know, than the evil you know nothing about.

    • There is only one thing I agree with in your rant. It’s that you are poorly informed.

  3. check your decimals

  4. Even as a poor student, I’m completely opposed to this tuition grant. There are far better things to do with the money, paying down the debt should be very high up there in my opinion. I’m also an economics student.

  5. They should certainly scrap it, and being back the tax rebate for ALL students, not just those just out of high school. As a mature student I’m not eligible for this new grant, but I was eligible for the old tax rebate.

    • *bring back

      (sorry for the typo)