Reports at UBC of frosh chant endorsing sexual assault -

Reports at UBC of frosh chant endorsing sexual assault

Officials will investigate


VANCOUVER – Officials at the University of British Columbia say they will investigate reports that a chant endorsing non-consensual sex was recited during frosh week.

A statement on the university’s website says it’s alleged the chant was made on one or more buses taking students between events during frosh orientation activities run by the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society.

The statement says the university takes the reports “very seriously.”

It says a “thorough investigation” will be conducted jointly by the Sauder School of Business and the office of the vice-president.

Any disciplinary measures will follow the university’s policy on discipline for non-academic misconduct.

The university also says it will take steps to educate students about the harm caused by such behaviour.

“This is of grave concern to all members of the UBC community,” the statement said.

“Such behaviour would be completely inconsistent with the values of UBC and the Sauder School of Business and completely inconsistent with the instruction that the Commerce Undergraduate Society receives on appropriate conduct prior to FROSH.”

A similar incident at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax prompted the resignation of the president of the student association.

There was a national outcry after a video was posted on Instagram showing a frosh-week chant glorifying the sexual assault of underage girls.


Reports at UBC of frosh chant endorsing sexual assault

  1. As this chant has apparently been going on for 20 years or so with the condoning knowledge of the Administration officials, how about SOMEONE take responsibility for encouraging their students to go rape some underage girl? Or, if that is not a big deal, why not add more cool bonding chants to sing – maybe something racist or genocidal would be a lot of fun. In fact, the officials could all join in the fun and do a line and dance chant for tv cameras everywhere. Come on! Don’t be a prude! Entertain us with with more rape chants! So fun!