Academic cheaters are show-offs -

Academic cheaters are show-offs

University Study claims some students cheat to look ‘good’


A new study from Ohio State University at Newark reveals that narcissism is linked to cheating. According to the researchers, narcissistic students will not only cheat their way to the top, they’ll also do it guilt-free.

The study, which appears online in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, claims that narcissistic students see high academic achievement as a way to “Show off to others.”

Amy Brunell, lead author of the study and assistant professor of psychology at the school, is quoted in the article as saying “Narcissists really want to be admired by others . . . They also tend to feel less guilt, so they don’t mind cheating their way to the top.”


Academic cheaters are show-offs

  1. I completely agree,
    There’s a kid at my highschool like that who gets all this recognition for things he doesn’t deserve. He’s manipulative and a narcissist.
    Worse thing is that his parents work at the school so no one can do anything about it, anything negative said about him gets shot down immediately by administration.

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