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Ryerson radio station off the air

CKLN loses bid to overturn CRTC ruling revoking license


After months of legal battles, Ryerson University’s radio station, CKLN, is off the air. Broadcasting officially ceased at 6:45pm Friday, but the station will continue programming online, and staff and volunteers have been advised to continue their regular schedules.

The CRTC had initially revoked CKLN’s license in January, following an investigation into complaints over the station’s management structure and purported lack of involvement from the Ryerson community. Last summer, “the station experienced significant infighting and the volunteers, staff and management were locked out of the studio premises by the building manager,” a CRTC press release stated. During the lockout that lasted seven months, CKLN “broadcast an intermittent loop of programming without any ongoing community involvement.” When the station resumed operations, there were concerns over “quality-control” and “little involvement from the Ryerson University student body despite its status as a campus radio station.”

The station acknowledged its past problems, and had elected a new Board of Directors and hired a new station manager.

In February, a Judge stayed the CRTC decison, until Federal Court could rule on CKLN’s appeal, but that bid was denied Friday. “CKLN is one of only a handful of few campus-community radio licensees in Toronto and losing it is part of an emerging and troubling trend of dwindling access to public airwaves that are federally mandated,” station manager Jacky Harrison said in a statement.

Staff are meeting today to discuss whether CKLN will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, or whether it will seek other options such as broadcasting on closed circuit radio.

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Ryerson radio station off the air

  1. I think it is about time that a Goverment Corporation/Agency such as the CRTC step out of its regulation role. If stations do not meet the existing legal requirements they should be charged as any other business is charged and brought to court.
    I would also like more choice for example in how I purchase my TV/Radio signals rather than being restricted to Bell and Rogers. We do not force consumers to only shop at two stores or two garages! Therefore I should be able to purchase signals from any provider and the CRTC should lose its ability to tell consumers to what supplier one must go to.

    • CRTC was doing its job you break the rules you pay the price!
      You dont have to have rogers or Bell 27 high definition channels available in Toronto for FREE OTA

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  3. The downfall of the station happened a few years ago as they took over management of the station and drove or threw out the students to use it as a tool for their political ambitions with the support of one who cared about personal profit.

    When you don’t care about the station only about how you use it you don’t worry about the rules and you bring in more like minded people with no experience or care about the rules.

    In the end their own greed and self centredness led to the loss of that which they destroyed by their own hands, but don’t worry they will move on to other nonprofits to destroy those too.

  4. Than goodness for the internet transmission.

  5. It sure looks like all the DJ’s are leaving CKLN’s internet radio in droves from when I tried listening to the tripe that CKLN has descended into.