Scoring the perfect schedule -

Scoring the perfect schedule

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my new weekend


There are only 24 days of school between me and Christmas vacation.

That’s the beauty of a two day school week. My weekend isn’t at the end of the week anymore. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are now my weekend.

Last year, when I scored a three day school week, I thought I had the perfect schedule.

This year I won the Scheduling Lottery.


Scoring the perfect schedule

  1. WooHoo! Good for you Scott! :)

  2. Pip pip HORAH!

  3. I thought having classes 2 days a week was great to. Until midterm season. Then I wanted to shoot myself because I had 3 midterms on one day and 2 the same day a week later. Fridays off is sufficient for me.