Scott and Biology… forever

I won’t change my name to Lawrence, start wearing a beret and elope with Anthropology


There’s only one week left until I’m finished my first semester of university. It’s hard to believe that my exams officially start next Thursday. It’s even harder to believe that before I started my first semester of university, I thought coffee tasted like a chunk of moldy grapefruit that had been stuck between a camel’s hoof for a month. I considered coffee to be kind of like the movie Titanic. As in, anyone who said they actually liked it were obviously faking. But now? Coffee is the Nectar of Life. It’s my Reason for Being. Just don’t tell my friend Vicki, because I’d never hear the end of it.

Naming coffee as my one true God is only one of the things that have surprised me this semester. Being a biology nerd, I figured that biology would be my favourite class.

That was before I learned to loathe the words “proton motive force.”

Now at the end of my first semester, anthropology is actually my favourite class. I’m not sure if it’s the material or the way my professor is teaching it, but what we’re learning is just really interesting. Like the fact that Neanderthals had a larger cranial capacity than modern humans.

So calling a football player a “Neanderthal” is actually crediting them with super-human intelligence.

Of course, I’m not anywhere near abandoning the Way of the Science Nerd. I’m not about to change my name to Lawrence, start wearing a beret, and elope with Anthropology. Biology and I can work anything out.

Well, unless I came home and Chemistry was there.

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Scott and Biology… forever

  1. Hey Scott. I missed a couple of references. What’s with the comment about not changing your name to Lawrence? Sincerely, Karen

  2. Hey Karen,

    Hmm….. how about ‘Stuart’? Or ‘Sebastian?’

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by :)


  3. I knew you would flip–on coffee that is. Let me know when you are ready to learn to roast. Then you could go to school smelling of coffee with chaff in your hair. That might be a good reason to wear a beret.

  4. I can’t believe it! I never thought you’d change your opinion on coffee… you have disappointed me Scott, disappointed me greatly!

    Sarah :*(

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