Page's parents split on daughter's protest -

Page’s parents split on daughter’s protest

Brigitte DePape’s family didn’t know about her plans


Brigitte DePape, the 21-year-old former senate page, has received support from one parent — but not the other — for her stunt in parliament on Friday, she told The Toronto Star. DePape was fired after she unfurled a red octagonal STOP HARPER sign during the Speech from the Throne. After speaking with her family on Friday night, she said that she was happy to “hear some encouragement from a really important woman in my life.” She was referring to her mother, Marcelle DePape. But, she added: “My dad was quite critical of it. He sort of asked what concrete changes can this actually have.” Denis DePape, her father, then told The Star that the incident was a surprise to him, but that Brigitte “is often looking for ways to express her caring and her interest, her desire to see improvement.”

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Page’s parents split on daughter’s protest

  1. Here’s to hoping that her parents are actually proud! Because what she did was absolutely fantastic, and highly effective! Bravo! I hope we don’t soon forget it and I wish more of us were like her — she’s a real Canadian Heroine! She spoke for more than half the country, which is more than what 1/2 the country could actually do. A true inspiration!

    Considering the responses to her heroic act, it’s pretty clear that the majority of the people agree with what she did, which goes to show a majority of Canadians do not agree with our government, meaning our government is out of touch with the people of Canada. Her act has shown that there is a fire burning strong in the hearts of Canadians – the need to re-form this government from a money and power loving one, into a truer and more sensible people loving one.

    Our government has become distant, frail, and corrupt from its unhealthy concerns for money and power. The Canadian citizens may soon be required to take a strong hand with the government, to strengthen it’s closeness with the people, and loosen its bonds with corporations. In order to create a government that serves the people more than it does today.

    Hopefully soon we will see the needed change to our government, the change that the future generations will be thankful for.

    • i dont understand how people can say shes speaking for the majority….hello?! …theres a conservative majority right now, voted in last month…this proves the Cons are supported by MORE THAN HALF the country hence THEY ARE IN TOUCH WITH MOST OF THE VOTING PUBLIC…duh. i dont disagree or agree, personally i dont care but get real.

      • Hello? The Consversative party won a majority with just under 40% of the votes cast. And heaven knows how many voters were scared away from the polls by the hate mail campaign carried out by the Conservatives before the election was called.

        No, beans, the Cons are NOT supported by a majority. If you think they are, then Prime Minister Herpes has Conned you.

      • Are you stupid or just profoundly ill-informed?

        Attaining a majority in the House of Commons does NOT mean that the party has the support of the majority of the country.

        IIRC, the Conservatives received approximately 39% of the popular vote and only about 60% of those eligible to voted actually bothered to do so.

        So, that would mean that the Conservatives do not have the support of the majority of the voters, let alone the majority of the country.

        Get real indeed.

        And you say “personally I don’t care” as if that’s a badge of honour or something. Maybe if you could be bothered to care, you could be bothered to get your facts straight before trying to correct others.

      • Contrary to beans assertion the Conservative Party is not supported by the majority of Canadians. The Elections Canada website reports that the Conservatives received 39.6% of the popular vote and that the voter turnout was 61.4%, thereby giving the Conservatiives 24.3% support of the eligible voters, less than a quarter. I think the Mr. Bean needs to “get real” about updating his math skills.

    • Moving further along from your opinion, what service changes, exactly, are you proposing?

      FYI: Your fear of government and corporation are irrational and perhaps a naive consequence of your ill-formed and fragmented ideology.

    • She is not a heroine in any way, shape or form. She abused her position as a page to promote her own agenda. The position of page is supposed to be non-partisan.

      The real heroes are the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day: fire fighters, police officers, and the men and women serving in the Canadian Forces overseas.

      Ms DePape is most certainly not a hero. She is a young, spoiled brat who abused her position.

  2. You go, Brigette. We should all be stopping Harper from destroying what’s left of our democracy.

    • Bovine scatography

    • “We should all be stopping Harper from destroying what’s left of our democracy.”

      Actually you don’t care about democracy, because if you did, you would respect the results of the election.

      To you and DePape, democracy means NDP rule, whether it gets the most votes or not.

      So actually you are both an insult to democracy.

  3. I think the reason people think it’s wrong it’s because she was a page, her station, her age, her sex. If a powerful man, like Mr. Harper says any contempt ruling about him is false and can brainwash the masses with the media, using tax payers money, and corporations, of course everyone will believe he’s right. He can say it was just a game or a ploy. He can fight it off or shrug it off. He can hide things and keep them hidden. It’s only when he can’t hide anymore then people will see what was really going on. Nothing’s more clear then hindsight. So if he’s that smart he knows not to make mistakes or people will begin to take those actual supposedly false contempt rulings against him seriously. Just have to wait and see. I think we need people like Brigitte to keep politicians and people on their toes, alert. Being elected doesn’t make one a king or give them a clear pass. People can still voice their opinions. They can’t all be muzzled or hushed up, scorned or demonized by media. Sometimes something unexpected like this is necessary. Doesn’t give anyone time to do anything about it or say bad things about her. People should support her. Everyone, from media, to corporations to politicians have no guts to say anything or do anything. People only act when the situation is so dire. They don’t notice the small subtle things that happen, that can have long term impacts.

    • “The reason people think it’s wrong” is because is WAS AGAINST the LAW.

      Hence, wrong. Age, gender have nothing to do with it.
      She should have gotten some jail time.

  4. A digusting disrespect of Canadian values and democracy.

    • If you mean Harper’s government, I agree. The secrecy, the unaccountability, the jingoistic militarism, the shunning of the press—-yes, he shows little respect for Canadian democracy. But you should be clearer in your statement.

  5. I love it when rightwingnuts get their panties in a bunch over a NONVIOLENT act of protest. The idea that you would stoops to a personal attack on someone you know nothing about says more about your proven ignorance, Karen, than DePape’s alleged ignorance.

    • Whether it was violent or non violent is not the issue! The issue is that this 21 year old nobody brought shame and disrespect upon our parliamentry system! Stop trying to confuse the issues which is the right wingnuts way of attempting a coherent debate!

      • This young woman likely expected that she would pay a price; that of her job, for her decision. It was thought-out and she made a tangible sacrifice for her values, it was not just a juvenile act. I support her decision and respect it; and I support her being fired too. I don’t see where shame and disrespect was introduced.

        We are years beyond anything resembling a coherent debate in Canada. Less than 20% of Conservative voters – this is a fact – can answer 5/10 multiple choice questions about the Conservative Party Policy/Platform, they don’t know what they voted for. Media deregulation and Mergers, Imported Right-Wing divide-and- conquer, corporate-financed politics, all U.S. diseases succesfully imported by the morally bankrupt, regressive, mean, and arrogant Conservative Party, will completely destroy what is left of our democracy and paralyze it completely, just like the U.S. The politics of stupid have entrenched themselves firmly in this country, and by letting these nasty, self-centered, intolerant people get a foothold in government, of which they have no respect for procedure, honour, or ethics, we brought shame, and disrespect on ourselves.

        This young lady restored a little bit.

    • I’m anything but a rightwingnut. But I feel this was totally inappropriate. Pages are supposed to be non-partisan.

  6. Just a reminder: Harper may have won a majority of seats, but he didn’t win a majority of the vote. That matters.

    Whether not you like DePape’s methods (I do) it’s important to remember that her sentiments are roughly shared by the majority of Canadians.

    • Baloney Hugh! This nonsense that Harper didn’t really win a true majority is just sour grapes! You claim, “he won a majority of seats but didn’t win a majority of the vote. That matters.” The only P.M. to win a true majority, by your counting method, was Diefenbaker. Every other P.M. has had less than majority votes when tallied up the way you are suggesting. Hugh, the real thing that matters is that THIS is our democratic system. This is the way we roll in canada so stop with all the scenarios you can come up with to prove that Harper didn’t really win a majority. He did and that is our system in Canada so boo hoo somewhere else please!

    • When the Liberals were in power under Chretien, they never won the majority of the vote either, despite holding the majority of seats.

      Why is it okay when the Liberals are in power, but not when the Conservatives are?

      (I’m not a Conservative, but I hate the double standard that people keep applying.)

  7. How come I didn’t think of this when I was her age and unfurl a “Stop Trudeau” sign in Parliament. Just think how much better off this country would have been if we actually had “stopped” Trudeau. Of course, I didn’t have a guaranteed job with a fat idiot who makes lie-filled documentaries waiting for me back then either. Sigh.

  8. If this was Jack Layton’s throne speech and it was a “neo-con” protester, would the people here supporting this page support that protester?

    Left-wing extremists say that Harper doesn’t respect democracy, wasn’t elected by the majority of Canadians etc. but fail to mention that Harper did just win an election on the very same issues they are raising. And last time I checked even more Canadians voted against the extremist values of this page and the NDP.

    I was a public servant once and when I became one, I committed to serving all Canadians, not just those whose views I agree with. I was legally bound to do that. As a page in the Senate, this young person was representing all Canadians – a trust she broke when she became a partisan hack. Anyone who supports this kind of action, should recognize that their sentiment would not only destroy a professional public service but also a true democracy.

    • i so agree…phew, there are some people who still think out there…surprising.

  9. Yup, we should be paying attention to a left wing nutbar student whose education hasn’t even enabled her to differentiate between the liberal democracy she lives in and a totalitarian regime. Does anybody see a deeper problem here?

  10. No Lou, not my ignorance but yours.
    It may have been non-violent, but the fact is she disgraced us all by her little temper tantrum.
    Regardless, she should have shown some maturity. If she was not pleased with the governing party, she should have resigned her post as a page.
    At that point, I would have had respect for her protest, but not during her responsibilities.
    She could have stood outside to display her kindergarten level protest sign. And by the way Lou, did you hear her explanation. It went nowhere, was limited and was not a university level opinion.
    I can tell you dislike the conservatives, frankly, so do I. That does not give way to your reasoning though.

    • quote:

      “…the fact is she disgraced us all…”

      Karen, bravo bragging on your supreme reasoning skills. Your intelligence is rather obvious as you can’t differentiate fact from opinion.

      You are a fine example of another brute mind on the Internet trying to assert itself. Politics may be too difficult for you. Try grunting, it’s not as hard.

  11. Let me see – a young lady with a great job/position. Hopefully another young person who respects the opportunity will enjoy the vacancy caused by her abrupt dismissal.

  12. Oh and if Bridgette ”is often looking for ways to express her caring and her interest, her desire to see improvement,” – then she should start with her own life and money instead of thinking that the best way to show compassion is to create a new government programs using other people’s money.

    Left-wingers think the only way to show compassion and care for the poor is grandiose federal government programs because they know better how to run business, families and governments. She should visit places like socialist paradises like North Korea, Cuba and Albania to see how well those ideas are working.

    • or Socialist Canadian North..its alcohol- incest -drug -infested poverty…disgusting..when people dont work for anything and only get handouts, it is not good situation. people may disagree but i have seen the fruit a million times over in the North, and Canadian southerners need to wake up to this fact….i’m all for taxes, health care etc…but thereis a very bad thing happening in to certain group here who dont work for anything…its corrosive and downright sad.

  13. Since when did the Liberal/Socialists STOP respecting democracy? Harper won an election folks. You don’t have to like it. You were asked already. As for not winning a majority of the popular vote……so? That’s not our system. That’s the US system (which you should instictively hate, right, because you perceive Harper is selling us out to the US and their interests). We use the British system, hello! When it was electing Chretien and Martin for all those years, it was democracy! It was fair! But when it elects someone you don’t like, it sucks and somehow invalidates the result?

    I think you people need to realize that you’re becoming like the Republicans to the south. It’s not about facts and logic. It’s all about hyperbole and imagery.

    Harper’s been in power for some time now, and there hasn’t been any credible oposition to him so it’s as if he was running a majority anyways. And what happened?

    Where are the “soldiers in the streets”?
    Where are the “trouncing of abortion rights”?
    Where are the “guns, guns, GUNS”!

    Really people. I’ve been a Liberal up until I heard Stephen Dion promise to send OUR money to these pissant countries who don’t have any industry as a “carbon credit”, all in the name of some environmental god. I make my mind up on the issues, and not on some dogma I feel obligated to follow, nor on fear that I’m too old to fall for.

    Wake up.

  14. Calling this young lady a heroine for her actions is totally unjustified. It was childish act by a child. Its amusing to see all the left wing crowd appluading her actions as if she was standing down a tank not letting it pass in front of the parliement building.

  15. I personally think Brigitte should be applauded even by Harper as dissent and moral reisistance in a non-violent manner is the birthright of Democracy worldwide and specially so in Canada. I predict if the Harper Govt continues to rule arrogantly over the lives of Canadian, the next elections they will get less then 30 seats in the federal elections..People have demonstrated their voting powers and yes one of the readers is right Harper did not win the Mahority VOte but successfully divided the Majority Votes between NDP and Liberals to get back in seat of power albeit without a popular mandate…

  16. Well Don thanks for letting us know that you’re fat. Now what job are you giving her?

  17. “A digusting disrespect of Canadian values and democracy.”

    Who are you to decide what Canadians respect and value? Your comment is a joke.
    How can you blatantly say that when half of the country agrees with her? If you were anymore daft you’d have to be watered twice a week.
    You dont have a clue what this country values, just what you value.

    If you people want to be Americans go move south. I like Canada.

  18. Bravo Don Macdonald !!!!!!!


  20. the government is a joke, she is just reminding us of that. screw harper and his supporters, see you in four years after more and more controversy just like this and after all the spending costs that he has been hiding from us starts to hurt. a Majority SHOULD unite Canada not do this.

  21. Hey MacLeans – what happened to your support for free speech – why the censorship and moderation of posts?

  22. I am guessing she didn`t like the outcome of the election. No matter how it turned out, its our system. If you don`t like the system, then change it. Acting like a child won`t do it. So maybe we`ll forgo all elections from now on and just ask her opinion.

  23. Not the time nor place to do that. She behaved like a spoiled brat who obviously didn’t need the job. What’s so admirable about that?

  24. I think this self entitled classless boor ought to learn a little more before thinking she knows everything! I have no problem with her desire to express herself. I have a huge problem with where she pulled her little publicity stunt. The time to make your opinion known was before the election, not during the throne speech in the Senate! It is a stain upon our parliamentry system and a step backwards for democracy! Then, she blathers on about how art is so great because it creates things rather than destroy things, etc, etc! The ballbreaker for me though was when she called for an Arab Spring! That is where the oppressed rise up against their oppressors. This was initially started in some Arab communities that were trying to push for their right to vote and have a say. Many people died during these Arab Spring uprisings trying to bring about change so they could vote in an election. We just had an election where Harper won a clear and decisive majority! She is upset because the election didn’t go her way and have the outcome she wanted so she embarrasses herself and our parliamnetry system with her boo hoo behaviour! The very thing she is encouraging others to rise up and protest about is stupid and thoughtless! We already have a democracy where we have the opportunity to vote for who we want to represent us. I voted for Harper and I take her stunt as an affront to democracy and my right to vote for who I want to lead this country for the next 4 years. If you want to Stop Harper then you do it during the next election. I would think someone as smart as Ms. DePapes would know that after working as a Page in the Senate. What an absolute popper this 21 year old nobody has turned out to be! And those of you on the Depapes bandwagon, you get the same kick in the pants I just delivered to this 21 year old know it all! What a pile of rubbish! Poor little Ms. Depapes didn’t get the election outcome she wanted – boo hoo! Obviously still has much growing up to do before she reaches the upper echelons of lefty political activism. The last thing is that thousands of young adults apply for 15 Page positions. It is a real accomplishment to be selected. So what does the boor do – she gets herself fired for unnacceptable behaviour. FIRED! Nice start to your career sweety! Loser!

  25. I’m absolutely stunned at the attitude of most of the “left-leaning” people here. Their vicious attitudes toward a legally elected PM makes me cringe. Whether I lean left, sit in the middle, or lean right, the constant barrage of pure venom and hate for someone you probably don’t even know is mind-boggling. I can only hope that none of you ever go into politics. Democracy? You’d have a Hitleresque regime in 10 seconds flat! Your lack of respect for any other opinion but your own actually frightens me, and I’m no coward.

    Please – just give some respect to the “office of PM” if you can’t bring yourself to have any respect for the man himself.

  26. Until further notice all dissenting opinions against the new regime are forbidden. Please report to the detainee centre for brainwashing – err – re-education.

    I guess I’ll just wait for the Gestapo to drop by and pick me up for having an opinion.

  27. I applaud this young woman for doing what she did. It boggles my mind that so many Canadians are willing to trust Harper enough to give him a majority. Everything he believes in and has attempted and will attempt for the next 4 years, goes against Canadian values and national pride. I am ashamed to be a Canadian for the first time in my life. Harper managed to convince a portion of Canadians that he is a moderate but he is not. He has played all his cards right while he had a minority. Now, we will see his true colors!

  28. Can Miss DePape tell us specifically what it is about the Conservative agenda she disagrees with and how exactly will they effect Canadians? All she has done so far is to unfurl a slogan in Parliament, and to some this makes her a hero, or to Michael Moore an iconic moment for Canada? Shouldn’t she elaborate to us now that there is so much media attention as to what her fears are about Harper? In fact, why isn’t the media asking the hard questions to her about who,what why,when,where, and how. Oh yeah, there isn’t too much real journalism out there these days anyway – sad.

  29. It has been said repeatedly throughout this thread, 1/2 of Canada agrees with her actions ….. at what point did I miss THAT vote? I am sure SOME candians do agree with her actions, I am not one of them. I agree with non-violent protest, just not in this forum. If she wants to protest then she should have done it when my taxes weren’t helping to pay for the meeting. This exhibition was generally imature and illconceived.

  30. The fact of the matter is that a page is suppose to be non-partisan when on the job. There is extensive training and weeding out process. I can imagine there were other Page candidates who were turned down for the job but that would have taken their job more seriously. What we have here is another example of the youth of today; young people that have no respect, no work ethic and a bunch of excuses when their appalling behaviour is called out. Freedom of speech is one thing but learning when and how to use it is another. I find this stunt ridiculous and I am not even a Harper supporter.

  31. Why is the right wing all in a huff when they want to abolish the senate? That is hypocritical. Kudos to this young lady for expressing her love and concern for the future well being of Canada. Will it take armed protests before the right wing actually takes direction from the majority of voters which did not vote for them? No gun registry means more guns in unknown locations in control of unknown persons. Harper has a vision alright…lol

  32. As Don Cherry would say just a bunch of stupid pinkos with art schools and bicycle lanes.

  33. I think what this girl did was grossly inappropriate, and utterly childish. To protest is one thing but to interrupt a government office its another. What she did was uncalled for Conservatives won get over it. Next time act mature and try not to disrupt people doing their job.

    It’s common courtesy something this country is beginning to lack in. at least the conservatives and NDPs want to make parliament more mature, and bring the mudslinging, and childishness out.

    To speak directly at the young woman responsible and others like her. Be constructive and mature, your only damaging your cause by showing people your immaturity. I commend you for your bravery and independence but grow up your a young adult so act it.

  34. Go go way to ruin your life and any chance of becoming anyone =) Gratz and you will see nothing change because of this, except your fantastic life going down the drain =p

  35. I hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. No one can trust her so no one will hire her. What a disgrace for the University she attended! This would be an American stunt. Her protest in front of an elected majority! She is a disgrace to the democracy for whom she was employed.
    She is a disrespectful tart who thinks Canadians enjoyed her stupid antics. Don’t blame your dad for not supporting you for your actions. Hope he is able to keep his job.

  36. She definitely got my attention from pulling off such a stunt and I was very interested to hear what she had to say (…through her media interviews) . Unfortunately she came off as naive and hugely disappointing. I’m all for protests if have something intelligent to say. She said nothing of interest. She raised absolutely no awareness of any issues. She just wanted to let everyone know she was against something. She just wanted to protest.

    Word of advise. Next time you pull a stunt like that bring your “A” game. Its easy to be against something. But its harder to stand-up for something (i.e. native rights, health care, women’s issues, marijuana). Just pick one and go to the wall.

    In the end she just came off as another useless hump holding a protest sign.

    Well done little girl.

  37. right wingers who think that stephen harper was actually wanted by canadians are clearly unable to grasp the reality of the political climate of this country. vote splitting in the rightwing and old people clinging to some notion that NDP is socialist caused enough votes to be cast for conservatives, even though the majority of young canadians do not trust harper, do not like him or his hard-right dream for a narrow minded moral/ethical canada. his government has a reputation for corruptions and he has manipulated the laws and changed policies in ways that make it difficult for him and hs crew to be held accountable for how the country is changing. right wingers always baffle me. they vote thinking that the economy is the thing that is of most concern and don’t give a shit about the social climate of the country. why care about poor people, health, education? they can afford to pay for higher levels of it. they tend to act so condescendingly, letting us poor left wingers know that true democracy elected one of the most questionable leaders of canada’s history, and they are right. page’s statement reflects young people, a segment of the population that old people tend to forget about until they need care, and when they do, we’ll see how much the young people care about them.