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SFU men’s centre has new critic

Communist League weighs in


The planned men’s centre at Simon Fraser University has a new critic. The Young Communist League of Canada told Nexus student newspaper at Camosun College that while women need a centre on campus because of “systemic barriers,” men should not have their own space.

Jeff McCann, university relations officer of the Simon Fraser Student Society, disagrees: “That attitude is part of the problem in society. I believe that this place should exist, and that it is nobody’s right to deny men of a service that many experts and students believe to be a valuable idea.”

Seed money for a man-only space was included in the April budget of the SFSS. To read Maclean’s columnist Emma Teitel’s take on the fervent opposition to the funding, click here.


SFU men’s centre has new critic

  1. There’s no easy way to ask this:
    How is this possibly news?

  2. I am curious as to which “systemic barriers” this group is referring too. There are more scholarships and awards that are solely dedicated to women, if similar ones were available to men you can bet there would be an outrage. There are in fact more women at SFU then men. Outside of universities there is a distinct advantage to being a woman when it comes to healthcare funding and research even though there are disease that affect a greater NET number of men that the ‘over funded’ women’s diseases. When students apply to professional schools there is a distinct advantage to being a woman as there are still quotas for admitting women – meaning a well qualified man will be passed over to admit a less qualified woman. So, what are the systemic barriers?

    • Most cults use code-speak so that they can use innocuous phrases to communicate horrible ideas. In collectivist codespeak, “systemic barriers” refer to the fact that there is not a positive system of discrmination ensuring that jobs _only_ go to appropriately sensitive/empowered/empathic women and their allies.

      That is, these people feel that there is a “systemic barrier” to their full participation in society if they are at all required to associate with those who do not share their political views.

      If the sort of people opposing the men’s center had their way, everyone would be required to take mandatory psychological testing, to determine if they have “correct” beliefs about various political issues—the status of women figuring largely.

  3. Yeeaaahhh I tend to disregard much of what any group that proudly wears the “Communist” label has to say anyway.