SFUO and CFS rush membership vote


Students at the University of Ottawa, after an extensive four month evaluation period, will be voting on CFS membership from November 18 – 20th.

I have to give credit, it’s brillant timing with a massive day of action on November 5th promoting the CFS just prior to the vote.


SFUO and CFS rush membership vote

  1. Ummm, I don’t know about what is going on in Ontario, but the day of action in Manitoba is about issues that affect students, not promoting any particular organization.

  2. Haha, the Day of ‘Action’ is about snaging mainstream media attention for CFS talking points. Brilliant move by CFS-O in holding a membership vote right after a big event, when it’s still fresh in people’s minds. Gives pro-membership campaigners something tangible to highlight when they’re bothering students on campus.

  3. Just to comment on the use of the term “rush”, UOttawa undergrads aren’t having this debate over CFS membership sprung on them. Joining CFS has been a regular topic of discussion at UOttawa since late 2006, at least. UOttawa students have also had several years to experience aspects of CFS by working with other student unions in the Ottawa area, including UOttawa grads and the Saint Paul student association, both CFS members, as well as CUSA and GSA at Carleton, also CFS members. The student union at Cité collegiale have also recently joined.

    To clarify for “user”, the Drop Fees campaign in Ottawa has had no explicit focus on joining/promoting CFS, though the campaign is obviously an implicit pro-CFS campaign – it’s been launched by CFS-Ontario, after all.

    Correction, Matt: it is SFUO’s Referendum Oversight Committee who decided when to hold the vote, not CFS-Ontario.


  5. After only four months of prospective membership, yes, I believe that the use of the word ‘rush’ is appropriate.

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