Small strike causes big problems at Brock -

Small strike causes big problems at Brock

Class cancellations and transportation woes


Brock University’s 38 English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors went on strike today, which has caused transportation woes and at least some cancelled classes.

Picketers from CUPE 4207-3  are blocking entry to campus, letting only two or three cars through at a time, reports Niagara Regional Police have closed ramps from Highway 406 near campus as a precaution. Bus drivers are not picking up or dropping off at Brock Tower.

Although only 38 people are on strike, CUPE 4307 said Monday that members of the other two units of the union are not required to cross the picket line. As a result, some of the instructors who comprise unit one have cancelled classes in solidarity, according to several students on Twitter.

Brock released a statement Monday that says an agreement had been reached with the union and ratified on Feb. 28, but then the university discovered what it says is “an error in the text.”  The two sides met with a mediator on March 25 to address the error, but were unable to resolve the dispute.


Small strike causes big problems at Brock

  1. Hello Josh,
    I’m so surprised about the superficiality of the level of your analysis.
    If there is something unjust and unethical, no matter how “small” the strike is, one has to be sensitive about it as human beings bound one another socially.
    Yes, the strike is not big. Yet, it only shows that my fellow students at Brock are incredibly insensitive about their university’s unjust doings!!!
    I recommend you to join the picket line, and support this “small” strike immediately in order to show you don’t close your eyes to injustice.

    • Hello Benoit,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support.
      I am an ESL instructor at Brock University. We couldn’t have done this without all the help from supporters like you.
      Thank you so much again on behalf of all my colleagues, ESL students at Brock University, family, and friends.



  2. Surely a University proof reads its own work?
    Why do we expect our students to do so and not lead by example?

    • couldn’t agree more – 18,000 (PAYING CUSTOMERS!) who are this close to exams. Ridiculous to allow this to happen. Let alone the back up of traffic affecting many, many others on public roads. Sorry, can’t abide this. Sure hope the university is finding a way to make sure the students get their instruction, get their exams in, oh and let’s be a little understanding on deadlines around getting out of residence which are pretty onerous at the best of times (which this is not).

  3. Hello Benoit and like minded people, every self serving strike is not ethically justified. Just because labour law allows for it does not mean that 38 people, that too working in a peripheral job like ESL, can hold 18,000 people hostage. What strike would be too small then? 20, 15,5 or 1 person? Perhaps it might help you to spend more time learning the real history of labour struggles rather than picketing at this pathetic strike.

    • Unfortunately, even though it was a legal strike, Brock University said if the picket line crossed the sidewalk into Brock property, they would consider that ‘trespassing’.

    • Just because we are across the street in the International Building, “safely distanced” from the rest of the university doesn’t make our job peripheral. Our department actually makes money for the university and as thanks just gets used and abused time and time again.

      I do truly understand that the strike is an inconvenience. We have tried repeatedly to avoid this situation, but to no avail. If you are upset, please write emails to the president and board of trustees in order to direct your anger at the appropriate targets.

      • You stated that you get used and abused time and time again. Getting beaten up by an abusive spouse is getting used and abused, being forced into child slavery is being abused, torturing an animals is abuse ….. I’m sorry but you can’t compare those tragic everyday occurences to a labour dispute. You say to write emails to the president to direct our anger there…..the president and the board of trustees are not out on the sidewalk stopping our kids from going to school.

    • Actually, what you don’t know is that ESL Services makes more money for the University than just about any other department. So who’s the peripheral at Brock? Check out the Department of Applied Linguistics. There are loads of BROCK students who are clamoring to get one of these “peripheral” jobs.

  4. So does this mean if you are a Brock student, you can submit your essay to your prof and then if you find an ‘error’ afterwards you can demand to take it back and resubmit it?

    • Love it!

    • Petty,
      The “proofreading” error was on the part of HR, not the union’s. HR passed the very same document THREE times and did not comment on the language. It was only after it was ratified by the CUPE members did they decide to renege on the agreement.

  5. When I think of the word ‘error’ I think of a misplaced word or a typo or something. I don’t think of language that could result in people losing their jobs.

  6. The labour laws need to be amended. I’m sick and tired of selfish individuals holding 20,000 people hostage, because they don’t get what they want. I hope all of you lose your jobs.

  7. Get a grip on reality. Anyone striking in this day and age instead of being thankful to have a job is pathetic. Do you know how many people are unemployed in this country or living below the poverty level on their income, yet they have a university education? Maybe Brock would be better off outsourcing the ESL Department to a private organization. They would still make money yet save on overhead.

    • yes, we should all cower in fear of being fired and accept whatever conditions some benevolent employer throws at us. good idea.

    • do you know why so many people are unemployed? attitudes like that. its a legal strike, due to the fact that brock after reading a document 3 times, couldn’t see an error. then when came time for them to finally vote on it after the union had voted in favour of the agreement, brock changed their mind. maybe brock should hire proof readers to read documents before signing agreements.

    • Someone who suggests the privatization of the ESL programs is someone who likely has experience in academia. However, this person doesn’t know enough; privatization of ESL programs doesn’t work.

      ESL teachers are similar to librarians, another professional group often subjected to cuts and misconceptions. We’re the front line, helping students not just with learning a new language but with transitioning to a new culture. We try to blunt the impact ESL students feel in academic programs when they are discriminated against by students who don’t want to work with them and ridiculed by professors cannot parse their writing.

      ESL teachers are tasked with improving speakers of other languages to acceptable academic standards in limited amounts of time and with few resources. And even though the expectations for ESL students are high, colleges and universities shortchange these people by increasingly hiring instructors on casual contracts. When I had a one-year contract with ESL Services at Brock, I made well below what other professors with similar education levels make. With a part-time contract (which is a sad joke, really, because it’s still full-time work) I was below the poverty line. By privatization, one can only assume the suggested solution is for more part-time contracts.

      Many of the armchair quarterbacks who criticize these programs could not function in a university setting in another country speaking another language. Canada has two official languages, but few people speak both. Is that for a lack of effort on our teachers’ part?

      The perception of ESL teachers is, It’s English and anyone can teach it. Try applying that logic to other programs: it’s business and anyone with experience in business can teach it. And there is a whiff of discrimination in this. Why privatize ESL? Would a university privatize any other academic program? These may not be your children, but they are your guests. Let’s not treat them as if they are a commodity.

  8. It never, ever fails. Whenever a university union strikes, their war cry is always, “But it’s for the sake of the stuuuuuuudents!”

    Newsflash: you don’t speak for the students and we are sick of being held hostage every time you have a new contract to negotiate with the administration. I paid for all of these classes back in August and I don’t think any union has the right to deny me access to them.

    Oh, and by the way . . . it’s the students who pay your salaries to begin with, so it’s a bit low of you to dump on us in order to further your own agenda. But carry on telling yourselves that it’s all for our sake, no matter how ridiculous your reasons for protesting are.

    • Many ESL students are actually on the picket line. I heard them chanting in Arabic. Please keep in mind that you don’t speak for all of the students either.

      • If the ESL students want to support their instructors in the protest, then I respect their decision. I also believe, however, that the union should respect my decision to continue attending the classes that some of my (unionized) professors are still choosing to hold in spite of the labour dispute. The union can protest all they like, but they should at least allow students access to the campus within a reasonable time limit. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  9. Why is it always the ‘strikers’ who are ‘holding students hostage’ ??? Don’t you think the administration is doing the same thing ? They know damn well that what they are doing, and their plan is very simple, force unions to go on strike, and face public backlash, while the admin sits cozy and comfy in their offices (or just staying home). The union members actually do care about the students being out of class, they talk about it on the line, but they are left with no other choice. On the other hand, the Admin uses the angry students as pawns in the game, knowing if a strike happens they will get angry. But you have already paid your tuition, so they don’t really care. Oh, and the admin have fantastic compensation for their jobs and wonderful built in raises and bonuses, and severence packages, but they would never offer those to … teachers.

    • The Board of Directors at Brock University is non-paid board…

  10. Once again, I’m so surprised that university students can make all these “common sensical” comments.
    I sincerely suggest that those who talk about “being thankful” “peripheral jobs” ” self-serving strike” should immediately sue Brock for not teaching them how to think critically regardless their majors. Apparently, the problem is way bigger than this ” small strike”, people’s right to learn at stake. And until they learn how to analyze a social phenomenon, they must not tell anyone that they actually university students! Even late Moliere would helplessly laugh at words. Please, don’t make yourself ridiculed!!!

  11. Hello everyone,
    Once again, I’m so surprised to see all these “common sensical” comment.
    Apparently, the problem is way bigger than this “small strike”, the quality of university education, moreover, people’s right to learn is at stake.
    I sincerely suggest that those who talk about “peripheral jobs” “self-serving strike” “being thankful” ought to immediately sue Brock for not teaching how to think critically. These are very wrong-headed, and superficial comments. They stem from the same thing, i.e. neoliberal logic. If you don’t see the connection, don’t worry open up your eyes to the world you inhabit. Then, you’ll hopefully see the fact, unless you are not willing to learn.
    And, please, at least until you learn how to analyze a basic social phenomenon, don’t let anyone know that you are university students. It would not be credible anywhere in this universe. Even late Moliere would helplessly laugh at your claims. Also, please, don’t take my words personal. This is not your fault. Be persistent about learning, don’t be hostile other ways of thinking.

    • Hello Benoit,
      Go F* yourself, Seriously

  12. I’m a Brock student and the parking lot was practically empty today. Classes were disrupted as TA didn’t show up, lots of students didn’t make it to their classes because they couldn’t get into park (that second part sounds lazy but news of this strike broke late Sunday night so if a student didn’t check their e-mail before going to school today they wouldn’t have known about this development & couldn’t have made alternative transport plans. there isn’t really anything around Brock to park at).
    In general, I am a strong supporter of the labour movement & have close ties to the CAW; I think we owe a lot of the quality of life we [by ‘we’ i mean middle class, average income people] enjoy today to unions and their advances. However it’s sad that some of these unions have grown just as bureaucratic & top heavy as the employers they are at odds with.
    In this case I do believe Brock was bargaining in bad faith & fully support CUPE’s right to strike but unfortunately this is the last 2 weeks of classes and some people do need to cross the picket line and get things done. This time last year Brock TAs nearly went on strike and I can think of a few other strike situations at Ontario post-secondary institutions in the last several years; I don’t think unions (specifically CUPE) are doing fostering a lot of good will with the next generation of voters.
    I am disappointed this couldn’t be resolved on Brock’s end & I am disappointed that the local 4207 is disrupting classes to the extent they are.

  13. This comment was deleted.

  14. I’m glad I’m not a student or have a child that is a student, because I would be livid that I’m paying thousands of dollars to attend the school, and my access is hindered by 38 people. Your words will not be heard because you’re only angering the students, faculty, local businesses, other workplaces and the commuters.

    The more people are inconvenienced, and the longer this drags out, the less people will care.

  15. Oooh. That’s a wee bit racist, isn’t it Laura? And judging by your (lack) of writing skills, you were not taught by an ESL instructor, were you? If you had been you wouldn’t make so many errors in what I presume is your native language.

  16. I can’t believe that these 38 people have managed to cause so much fuss. I am absolutely livid. The amount of money that has gone into protecting these people so that they can whine and complain is just disgusting. Yesterday I almost lost my job when I was unable to get to work because I was required to be in a class and then did not have time to get through the mess to catch a bus home. What would normally have taken me 20 minutes ended up taking almost 3 hours. It is two weeks until the end of classes and then exams. Missing class during this time can be detrimental to any student. The inconvenience caused is incredible. I understand that these people are fighting for what they believe in but it would not be that difficult to move to the grass and allow students to get to class.

    • I am very doubtful that your 20 minute trip turned into 3 hours. I was coming and going on campus all day yesterday and the delay did not cause buses to run that late. It doesn’t take 3 hours to get anywhere in St. Catharines/Thorold.

      • Took me 2 hours and 10 minutes to travel from the glenridge building to the main entrance on st. davids by car on monday. Total distance of approximately 200m? Due to the strike I am unable to have participants from off campus attend my lab and therefore, I am unable to collect data. If this strike continues until the end of this week I will be unable to complete my research, and unable to graduate this spring. Therefore, my early acceptance to graduate school is void, and the strike has costed me at least another semester of work, and delayed my academic career by up to a year. I understand the reason for the strike. However, the number of students being negatively affected, and the magnitude of the academic damage being done shows how selfish the strike movement is. My support for your cause has completely faded in just two days.

    • Unfortunately, BrockStudent, the strike cannot take place on Brock property, but must be on public property. It is indeed unfortunate that this is happening at this time; however, due to the chronology of events, couldn’t be helped.
      The best way to make sure this is over as soon as possible is to email the President and Board of Trustees and express your displeasure with the state of affairs.

  17. @ Cupe Supporter

    It’s not the administration that is blocking access to public roads and creating traffic jams in large clumps all around campus, hindering even the people who are just trying to get to work elsewhere. I do wish the unions would try to address why their protest tactics are unfair to the students they claim to be defending, instead of always acting like they are justified in everything they do, regardless of their reasons for protesting. Blindly accepting everything a union does is just as bad as blindly supporting everything businesses do (see esacc’s comment above for an example of the latter).

    The students have every right to be angry at how they are being manipulated by the unions, and to question why the unions always, always use them in this fashion in their labour disputes. Take responsibility for your own actions and protest tactics, instead of always saying that the administration is somehow worse and therefore that makes everything you do acceptable. It’s empty rhetoric and the students aren’t naive enough to fall for it anymore.

  18. Hey Moderator!

    Why did you remove Laura’s statement? It should be re-posted to give some context to the discrimination I describe in my letter and to demonstrate just how far we need to go in order to overcome it. Or are you still smarting over the “too Asian” controversy in your University Guide?

  19. I agree with their cause however I find it funny that nobody learned from the automotive industry. So you are saying your department makes the most so you should get paid the most? Maybe you should try asking the students to pay you more money because in the end that is where the money will come from. See how quick the students will be to tell you to stop pretending to have a hard life! By the way police force is an expense, so maybe they should work for free and people that pump your gas should get paid more? I also find it funny how you ignore the fact that wages are based on ability to replace someone of similar qualifications. Maybe you guys should get paid less in that case since judging by your actions in striking your as qualified as a roadblock on a sign. Ever think that maybe if you ask for more that money may come from somewhere else? Way to screw over your students. Douchebaggery lol

    • Actually, John C., money was NOT part of the tentative agreement reached with Brock. In fact, the ESL instructors at Brock are among the lowest paid in the province, yet remain some of the best qualified as many have their Masters degrees. And just so you know, the International students who attend classes in ESL Services, pay over $3,800/term for the pleasure.
      I would strongly suggest you educate yourself as to the issues involved before expressing your opinion, which is clearly NOT based on fact.
      Douchebaggery, indeed!

      • Dear CUPE supporters,

        First of all I find it interesting that a bunch of you are saying that money is not the issue while at the same time pandering about your low salaries….
        Secondly, I see no need for you to block thousands of people in order to get your point across, in fact I think you are doing just the opposite of what you intend. Allow me to lay out the logic of your actions:
        1) Brock University Administration wants to change a ratified agreement that was already signed by CUPE.
        2) This makes CUPE feel like they are the subjects of a great injustice.
        3) In order to stop this injustice, 38 people need the support of the students
        4) the only way to garner support from the students is to not only inconvenience them but to practically block them from not only getting to class, but block them from getting on the campus at all.
        5) this act of solidarity will surely make them sympathize with us, which will cause them to email the people who have wronged you.
        6) Therefore the only way to make right the injustice we have suffered is to make students, the people who we want on our side because they have strength in numbers, is to completely disrupt their lives.

        I agree with why CUPE is striking, just keep that in mind. But I think, and many thousands of students think, that you are going about it in the wrong way. I realize that you cannot go onto Brock property in order to knock on the administrators doors and picket those who have wronged you. But I do recall having been told by the picket lines (I have spoken with those on the “front lines” several times) that you have ESL students in your midst. Why can’t they go onto campus as students and strike their? I think that if they weren’t disrupting services and pissing students off, they would actually manage to get lots of students on their side and create a real movement. By grinding everything to a halt you are doing exactly what you shouldn’t want to do.
        A few other problems I would like to post here are as follows, and these are all after having talked to the people who are on the picket lines:
        1) you say that you are supporting the students. I find this quite an interesting statement because you are doing everything in your power in to completely disrupt them. and even if you didn’t mean to, you have to see that you are destroying your support group.
        2) A lot of the arguments, including those on this site, are saying that the ESL department is a huge money maker, but oh! that’s right, it’s not about the money, it’s about the students…..
        3) I no longer trust what the picketers are saying because of the lies they are spreading. I had a picketer, who was handing out flyers and talking to the cars as they pulled up, tell me that 19 out of 20 cars that were backed up along the roadways supported their cause. My girlfriend and I walked up and down Glenridge avenue, St. Davids Road, and down Glenridge hill, which means that we talked to hundreds of people and we came across only one person who supported CUPE. So where are these people that the picketers are talking to?
        4) My last point is this: The picketers are violating student rights, as laid out by Brock Guidelines for Picketing: , and ,
        Which state that they cannot block roadways, and they must let students through the picket lines so that they can fulfill their educational obligations. I strongly suggest that CUPE read these guidelines.

        Just so that every one here knows, my girlfriend and I are starting protest of the picketers in order to end their tyranny of the roadways. This is our school too and you don’t have the right to stop us from getting our education, which is something all of you ESL people with Masters Degrees should understand.

    • John, John, John… Where do I start?
      1.By comparitive standards, the ESL instructors at Brock are the lowest paid in any university in Ontario.
      2. The issue of the strike is not about wages but about job security and contracting out.
      3. Yes, our department does make the most of any in the university, but , if you knew anything about the corporate world (and it is patently obvious that you don’t), we contribute huge amounts into the university for infrastructure and to buoy up non-cost based departments – also more than any other department.
      4. Our students are all international students so they pay roughly double and a bit in tuition what domestic students pay as there are none of the government contributions afforded to domestic students.
      5. The ESL instructors at Brock are all VERY highly qualified (how many Master’s degrees do you have?), so your allusion to being as qualified as a sign on a roadblock is highly insulting.
      6. The ESL instructors at Brock care VERY MUCH about their students. That’s why they’re striking. If the university can contract out for teachers with lesser qualifications (and so save money) then the students would not be getting the high quality of education they deserve.
      7. You have obviously not been taught by an ESL instructor as your grammar, spelling, and punctuation/sentence construction is well below the level we expect from our graduates.

      • Aveagooweegend,

        I find it interesting that you attack people based on their grammar. and I quote “7. You have obviously not been taught by an ESL instructor as your grammar, spelling, and punctuation/sentence construction is well below the level we expect from our graduates.” So the only way we can have exceptional English skills is to be taught by an ESL? I think you have done a fantastic job at degrading every English teacher and those non-ESL teachers who teach English to their students.
        I guess I should be mad that I didn’t learn English from an ESL, you do seem to be omniscient…. (that was sarcasm, in case your masters degree didn’t catch that).

      • Jordan,
        You don’t understand sarcasm either, it seems.

  20. I never understood why the picketers affect the commuters. I understand that they want their voices to be heard, but picketing every single University entrance? If the ESL’s were really looking for support from the students and BUSU, why do they deny me my legal right of accessing the University? I saw Union members blocking off a Canadian Linen and Uniform services truck – who I believe are unionized as well.

    I hope the Union and University can come to an agreement, the sooner the better.

    • BDS,
      The purpose of slowing the traffic is that, if a person in a car chooses to cross the picket line, then they should be fully informed of the issues. So it is even more pertinent to talk to other unionized workers.

      • No, it’s not.

        This is a 38 member union. As much as they would like Unit1/2 to strike with them in solidarity, it hasn’t happened (yet). When 1/2 go on strike, the school has to be shut down. For Unit 3, their options for making an impact involve peeing off the local student population. Their strategy is ALL ABOUT IMPACT!

        I walked by the picketers today, after being dropped off by my sister who ended up getting a parking ticket in St. Catherines today. She had a dance recital she couldn’t miss, and I had to use the schools software license for ENVI, a program that would cost me 500$ for a student license. My professor has already been grateful and given us an extension, however, I need it done ASAP as the end of the school year is the busiest. They were not “informing people of the issues” they were infringing upon my right to legally enter privately owned property.

        Will they open up a “informed upon the issue” line for people that have passed the “CUPE 4207’s Bargaining Agreement Exam”?

  21. Um… Write a formal complaint to the president of your university. Demand compensation for all your loss. They have to because you already paid for your education.

    • The school does not have to close due to picketing unless the other unions join them on the strike. There will be no compensation.

  22. I am encouraged that the very students who are being the most affected are the most supportive. The ESL students (past and present) have created a website to show their encouragement to the teachers who not only teach them a language, but also teach them Canadian culture, adaptation and critical thinking. Even though they are far from home, paying 4X the amount of tuition and dealing with cancelled classes, they are daily on the picket line in support. I am proud that they have learned to be critical thinkers, that they can see that the only people in power to stop this is management and that their anger is directed towards those folks.

    ESL teachers DID NOT want to strike and that is why they worked for over 6 months in negotiations to come up with an agreement. These teachers accepted the agreement and the language that was proposed. These teachers only went on strike when management took away the agreement. These teachers are fighting for honesty ….if there are hostages being held it is ALL of us. We are held hostage by Brock.

    Sorry for the inconveniences, they are real. Please direct your anger and frustration towards those who disregard the law and not towards those who are following the law and who are using the steps that the law decides are our rights as Canadian citizens and workers. Not understanding this process is a step backwards in society. If you are a student you are securing an education so that you will one day be employable. At that moment you may recognize the importance of having and exercising these rights. Not every country has these freedoms…..maybe that’s why so many of our international students support us, because they have experienced firsthand the inability to exercise certain freedoms that they see here in this country.

    • @ lola

      As I said in a reply to Javier, above:

      If the ESL students want to support their instructors in the protest, then I respect their decision. I also believe, however, that the union should respect my decision to continue attending the classes that some of my (unionized) professors are still choosing to hold in spite of the labour dispute. The union can protest all they like, but they should at least allow students access to the campus within a reasonable time limit. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I also think it would be nice if the union spared a thought for the traffic jams they’re causing for the people who are just trying to get to work . . . those people, whether unionized or not, matter too, you know.

    • You’re putting the ESL students and teachers on a pedestal here. I really do feel sorry for the union – they have been effectively dismissed by the University. That said, inconveniencing 99% of the support staff, professors, and the student body should not be the acceptable way of getting your point across.

      I would be supporting the strike if it weren’t for the fact that they have shown a complete lack of respect for the rest of the student body.

  23. Unions, the scum of democracy. The late Soviet Union would love to get their hands on this material.

    • stop,
      You’ve obviously never needed the support of a union. I hope you change your mind when (not if) you do.

    • Actually, Unions are all about democracy and everything is decided by a democratic vote. Everyone is also allowed to have their say on any issue. Yes, it takes a bit more time to get things done this way, but it’s worth it.
      As far as your comment about the “late Soviet Union”, there’s a reason they’re the “late” Soviet Union.

  24. This really does not take too much thought to figure this out. If I don’t like a movie I get up and leave. If i don’t like a job I look for another one. After 30 years in the force I feel that if I don’t like my job, my employer of the way my employer treats me then I leave. If you don’t like the way that Brock is treating you then leave and don’t let the door hit you in the back of the head on the way out. If you had as much reguard for the students and the ELS students as some of you teachers claim to, you would not be standing in the way of the rest of the students and faculty. You have a problem with Brock take it up with them and leave everyone else out of it. In short suck it up and go get another job if you don’t like where you are, I am sure there many others would love to have the position (job) you do.

  25. Dear Misguided University students. I know this strike is an inconvenience to yous. I’m sure there is not one Professor at any University in Ontario that would penalize you for HONORING and not CROSSING a picket line.Just remember it takes strength to set up a strike to fight for better working condition, wages and benefits. Stopping outsourcing is a serious matter.But if you truly believe this strike is wrong,that’s your right,this is CANADA you know..Just remember,when you finish your schooling,and all you can find is a PART TIME job at Minimun WAGE without any Benefits…..It’s YOUR lack of SUPPORT Today that allows Corporations to do that to you Tomorrow…PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE…

  26. Conversation with a picketer while waiting to cross picket line in my car:
    Picketer: Do you know why we’re here?
    Me: Yes I heard. This has nothing whatsoever to do with me.
    Picketer: Well, we’re graduated students and have a to of student debt and want to ensure job security.
    Me: First, everyone has debt, so who cares about yours. Welcome to being an adult. And second, unlike you, I don’t have a union to protect me if I can’t get to work. So by detaining me like this, you’re putting MY job in jeopardy…but you don’t care about that, do you??
    Picketer: (walks away)

    Yeah…I didn’t think so…

  27. As a Brock University student who has had my classes disrupted because of this strike I for one hope that they fail with their strike expedition. I feel that it is selfish for the ESL instructors to make it difficult for the 17,000 plus students to get to class and with exams so close it is just adding to the stress that students are already experiencing. Plus with the unemployment rate high, and the number of people who cannot find full time jobs and are living off of part time hours of 15-20 hours a week these ESL instructors whining about the unfairness to them just seems a little ridiculous considering the times. I personally would like to see the union go “bye bye” and then I think these problems would go away, I bet there wouldn’t be half as many people complaining if they were not part of the union that “protects” them. Anyways just my two cents, yes I probably offended people, but don’t complain to me about your woes with the university while you are messing up everyone’s schedule to prove your point, it is just selfish and you are thinking of yourselves over the needs of the rest of the school, therefore I could care less about you getting screwed over by Brock, because guess what that’s what Brock does, you don’t see me out there whining and stopping traffic when Brock screws me over.

  28. This will be a losing effort because those in charge @ Brock know that there are only 10-15 more business of school left & after that, when the vast majority of students aren’t going, there will be barely anyone to disrupt and that means no leverage.