Small turnout in Toronto -

Small turnout in Toronto

Photos: about 200 march in solidarity with Quebec students


At least 1,000 (some say 2,000) turned out to bang pots and pans in solidarity with Quebec’s anti-tuition demonstrators one week ago in Toronto. At the time, we were told to expect much bigger crowds on June 5. It didn’t happen. When the march finally left George Brown College at the corner of King St. and George St. on Tuesday around 8:30 p.m., only about 200 people had joined it.

It was mainly the usual suspects: executives of local student unions, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the socialists. It’s hard to explain the low turnout, but one thing is clear: they can’t blame the weather. The skies were sunny. In fact, 5,000 people were at the University of Toronto two hours earlier to watch Venus cross the Sun’s path.


Small turnout in Toronto

  1. These protests are ridiculous. Always highjacked by paid union demonstrators who do nothing but spread hate and fear. It amazes me how uninformed students are about how their yearly student fees are being hijacked to pay these clowns to crap out socialist newspapers. Wake up students, the unions and reps could care less about us. Lets take our student fees back and put it to something useful, like lowering tuition.

    I do feel bad for the real issue of student debt and the people who genuinely show up as they cannot make ends meet. GET RID OF UNIONS!

  2. That was actually a pretty big turnout – it’s even impressive that a protest was organzied at all. School is out for the vast majority of Ontario university/college students; you can’t expect people to return from their summer activities to protest. I wasn’t at the protest myself.

    Good for the students. I love it when young people become engaged in what is happening in the world, especially about issues directly impacting them.