Small union causes big trouble at CBU

Traffic backed up, elevators kaput, as students and staff struggle to get to class.


Though they have just thirteen members in their union, striking mainteance workers at Cape Breton University are doing their best to disrupt academics at the Sydney campus. Picketers slowed by did not completely block access to traffic at the university’s two entrances today, backing up traffic for miles. To make matters worse, CBU shares its main entrance with the Marconi campus of the Nova Scotia Community College, so students and staff at both schools are affected.

I  managed to navigate through picketers at about 8:15 this morning, only to find the elevator in the building “Out of Order.” In my ten years at CBU, I can recall that elevator being out of order only once, so the timing of this malfunction is remarkable. Either it is a stroke of luck for the picketers, whereby fate is pointing out just how much they are needed, or it was a deliberate act of sabotage, which would be pretty mean-spirited considering that handicapped students and faculty rely on that elevator to get to their classes and offices.


Small union causes big trouble at CBU

  1. Unions mean spirited? No way! Just ask the families of patients who die during nurses strikes.

  2. As an academic at CBU, I disagree. They are acting entirely within the law. Maybe you should try more accurate measurements- the main entrance to the race track is maybe a kilometer. Your innuendo is uncalled for. Elevators break down; maybe instead of using your recollection, you could go to Facilities Management and ask for a maintenance record on it.

  3. Further to the elevator issue, they do not maintain the elevators. If maintenance is required, the elevator company must be called to service it. Thus, the strikers would have no motive to sabotage it. I think you owe them an apology for your false innuendo.