Something you don’t see every day


A Board of Regents decides to not increase tuition.

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Something you don’t see every day

  1. Indeed.

    I never saw a non-student member of the U of Ottawa Board of Governors vote against the President.

    In fact, I’m not even sure if I saw non-student members of the Senate vote against the President, outside language/bilingualism issues, which divide even the upper admin. at U of O.

  2. I think the decision came as a total surprise, even for the groups who lobbied for it. Especially the fact that the Board voted unanimously against the increase. No one could have predicted that.

    But post-secondary education in Newfoundland and Labrador seems to be an exception to trends across the country. In a province where the opposition is so small that the media has effectively taken its place, the government has still managed to crank out some really progressive policies with regards to student debt and poverty.

    Memorial students from Canada have been enjoying a tuition freeze on already low tuition for years, and the Williams government has made vast changes to student aid that will actually make a real difference. I think it was the provincial government’s support of the CFS and the MUN Students’ Union which swayed the Regents.

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