South Asians say teaching staff is too white

But gov’t won’t track race of teachers


In Toronto’s Peel Region, where 57 per cent of people are minorities, South Asians are demanding more non-white teachers. “We’re still seen as outsiders, we’re not part of the team because schools are kind of clique-ish to those who aren’t Caucasian,” teacher Krishna Nankissoor told the Toronto Star. He had complained to the Ontario Human Rights Commission after failing to be promoted, but since made a deal with the board. Tony Pontes, the director of education for Peel Region told The Star that it takes time to get more minority teachers. Dean Alice Pitt of York University similarly explained that although the supply of teachers in recent years is very diverse (33 per cent at York) boards aren’t hiring much, so the face of classrooms is changing slowly. The Ontario Ministry of Education told school boards earlier this year to make equity a focus in hiring, but the government will not force boards to track the races of teachers.


South Asians say teaching staff is too white

  1. Would you rather have the school higher bad teachers for the pure purpose of them being an ethnic minority. Or would you rather they higher qualified, good, teachers.

    I’m not saying that ethnic teachers are bad, but being in a Concurrent Education program, most of the people in my program are white, and 90% of them are females.

    A teacher (as anyone) should be hired based on their skills, not based on the colour of their skin. So if the students get to complain that they want more non-white teachers, does that mean that the “white-teachers” are now allowed to complain to a call centre that they want more white people responding to their calls? Seems fair to me if this is where ethnic equality is going.

    • FYI Megan, higher isn’t a verb. I hope you’re in your first year.

      • grammar nazi

  2. There’s a great place to go to school with more “South Asian” teachers, it’s called South Asia! See ya…

  3. I agree with Miguel. They would have to go to schools in Asia if they want to demand for more Asian teachers.

  4. Methinks Megan failed English:

    “Would you rather have the school higher bad teachers for the pure purpose of them being an ethnic minority. Or would you rather they higher qualified, good, teachers.”

  5. Hmm… 57% doesn’t seem like a minority to me. And imagine if white students were asking for more white profs? The race of a professor DOESN’T MATTER.

  6. First of all, it amazes me that in such a racially-charged world, none of the people above has bothered to notice what “caucasian” truly means! Many, many “south asians” are caucasian, and in fact, are closer to the original definition than a very large number of “europeans” or “whites”. The problem is that we are all still using racial and ethnic ideologies and definitions inherited from around the time of World War II and Fascist Europe.
    Second, as a Canadian born citizen of half “South Asian” and half “white” English background, there is still a disproportionate and ugly amount of rascism directed towards “south asians”. Is it just a coincidence that the “paki” epithet I have frequently heard used against me in the past 33 years is a short form for the name of the country who is now the biggest enemy of the “West”?!?! I think much of the “West” has a lot of racist ideology to unlearn yet.

  7. I expect schools in South Asia probably have a lot of brown teachers, but you don’t hear white people complaining. We are so cool.

  8. I think it is unfair for asians to demand promotion just because they are asians. Many people who are good in their job, irrespective of race, don’t get promoted either. So, is it not ridiculous for an asian to demand promotion just because he or she is an asian?

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