South of 49: Senator Pell dead at 90 -

South of 49: Senator Pell dead at 90


Some news from the United States tonight. On New Years Day, former Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell died at age 90. Pell is best known for his sponsorship of the 1973 bill which created the “Basic Educational Opportunity Grants” which quickly became known as the Pell Grants.

The Pell Grants are non-repayable assistance provided by the U.S. federal government to low and low-middle income post secondary students.

Washington Post obit: Former R.I. Senator Claiborne Pell, 90; Sponsored Grant Program

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South of 49: Senator Pell dead at 90

  1. Mr. Coleman: In the mid 60`s Ontario Minister of Education, Bill Davis invited Senator Pell to visit Toronto. Pell came and spoke at a luncheon at the Park Plaza hotel. He was then the youngest U.S. Senator. Although the details are a bit hazy I recall attending the luncheon and accompanying him of a tour of some of the education facilities including the U.of T. Not long after his visit Mr. Davis established a Youth Branch in the Department of Education and hired Dr. Walter Koerber to head it up. Clare Westcott