St. Thomas students lost apartments to fire

School offers money, food and shelter


Three students who were the victims of an apartment fire in Fredericton in November have received generous help from their school, St. Thomas University. All three have been offered $750 to use however they like, a meal plan worth $350 and free residence for the rest of the semester. The STU Alumni Office also gave each student a $200 Visa gift card. Even faculty chipped in, giving the students hoodies after learning that their clothing was damaged. Perhaps the best gift of all: students will get extensions on their coursework and postponed exams, reports The Daily Gleaner.


St. Thomas students lost apartments to fire

  1. With all the provisions and available capital at universities and their nearby apartment settings, we cant afford EDI’s? what an absolute joke. Its absolutely ridiculous that we don’t require EDI’s (like LightSavers) in EVERY residential setting! what the heck? Why do we give all this bs talk to promoting safety and then don’t really ever require anyone to do anything about it folks? So everyone can feel like they “did the right thing”? DO the right thing then….. actually do it; install technology that won’t allow this to happen! What a shame……………..
    -Cap’n Hank

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