Staffing issues at University of Manitoba Students’ Union


The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (Local 103) is having some staffing issues at its student union run restaurant Degrees.

The Manitoban reports on these issues this week. The environment is such that employees of the students union required anonymity in speaking to the student newspaper.

While I will not comment to the article further than to say I am not surprised by the accusations against the Executive, I will speak about my experience with the previous (two previous now) manager Drew Pelton.

During my time on UMSU Council, I focused on food service issues. One day, Pelton and I ran into each other just outside the door of then-UMSU President Amanda Aziz. Aziz mentioned that I was reviewing food service operations. Pelton suggested that we meet. We did.

In that meeting, I gave Pelton a few ideas. Pelton showed me his plans for Degrees. I was impressed.

He was a good manager. He implemented a lot of changes to Degrees which made it a much better eatery.


Staffing issues at University of Manitoba Students’ Union

  1. Drew was one of the shining jewels at UMSU. Him leaving was a huge loss, and I can’t say I’m surprised that UMSU is fucking up one of the few things they are (or were) doing right.

  2. The Manitoban article says

    “Currently, there is no executive director, as the job is still being posted after former executive director, Cathy Anstey, left in December 2007.”

    What happened there?

  3. she moved on to better opportunites and less bullshit. look for her to be replaced by the name mentioned in the leaked .xls file

    ’bout time CAW or CUPE got a union drive going for UMSU employees, the pay and working conditions are ridiculous compared to other jobs on campus. UMSU should practice what they preach.

  4. OR maybe the executive director moved home to be closer to her family in Ontario? And maybe Drew left for family reasons as well? Who’s to say? I believe it’s always best and less hurtful to innocent people involved to not make blanket assumptions about a situation.

  5. Or maybe Pelton was the only one who quit Degrees. Or maybe UMSU executives did not go SFU to campaign in the referendum without informing council. Or maybe they didn’t deny knowledge of such plans earlier. Or maybe U of M students should just assume that because student union types claim to have good causes that there should always be a presumption of innocence no matter what evidence to the contrary. Otherwise we would be hurting the student movement.

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