Stimulus funding extended -

Stimulus funding extended

Universities have several extra months to complete 183 projects


The Harper government has extended the deadline for stimulus spending from March 31 2011 to Oct 31 2011. The extension applies to all of “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” projects, including the Knowledge Infrastructure Project. In total, there are 183 infrastructure projects taking place at 79 universities across the country. Paul Davidson, president of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, applauded the move, stating that the program is “transforming campuses across the country, and improving the quality of the research and learning experience for Canadian students.” Liberal MP, John McCallum says the announcement came too late and that projects have incurred unnecessary costs in trying to meet the earlier deadline. “We can’t quarrel with the action, but we do quarrel with the timing,” he said.

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Stimulus funding extended

  1. The little part of the federal stimulus program which was assisting me to stay employed was discontinued 1 year early, this past April 2010, with only 4 hours notice and no prior consultations by our bumbling government.
    Because that program was discontinued (saving only about $80million, by the reports) I lost my job, my geothermal business, laid off 12 employees, who spent the last 2 years with me learning and PAYING BIG $ for their credentials, just to have the government pull the rug out to save a paltry $80mil, and destabilize my entire industry, now they are as employable as investment bankers, and they are far more integral to a more efficient and healthy future than most people would think. (unlike useless solar panels or windmills)