Street preacher links sexual assaults to "too much freedom" -

Street preacher links sexual assaults to “too much freedom”

Doesn’t he remember SlutWalk?


Following a string of sexual assaults on female students in Toronto, a street preacher told The Toronto Sun that be believes the attacks happened because Canadian laws “give too much freedom to women.” Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana is a 33-year-old Islamic convert connected to the Muslim Support Network. He can often be heard preaching at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square.

Atangana, who is planning to hand out literature on the topic, wrote to The Sun asserting that women get raped because of the way they dress. He also proposes Toronto become “the first city in North America to introduce laws that would make it illegal for women to dress provocatively.”

Sound familiar? It should. It’s a more extreme version of what Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti told an audience at York University last January—that women shouldn’t dress like “sluts” if they don’t want to be victimized. Atangana remembers. He praised the officer in his e-mail.

But apparently he doesn’t remember how it ended—with the public shaming of Sanguinetti and the global SlutWalk movement. Women and their supporters marched in provocative clothes to assert their right to dress however they wish without fear of being sexually assaulted. The marches hit a collective nerve, spreading from Toronto to faraway places like London and New Delhi.

With people like Atangana out there, it’s clear SlutWalk’s work isn’t over yet. I hope he’s prepared for feminists in short-shorts. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t see a few more of them in the future.


Street preacher links sexual assaults to “too much freedom”

  1. Need to stop allowing muslims into canada, sharia law does not belong here.

    • He may have a point.

      How about a test run with demanding all members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid wear burkas?

      They I would suggest U.S.A.-imported apologist Judy Rebick wear one too. At the very least that would certainly beautify Toronto!

  2. So a ‘street preacher’ (aka lunatic) spouts off some crap on what he thinks ails society and you print it?

    Does get a life mean anything to you?

  3. Why are you publishing material from someone who is writing about something he is totally ignorant or ignoring of. Rape and other depravities are much more prevalent in Islamic cultures than here. You are giving him too much publicity!

  4. And to your beck and call, Josh, they will come.

  5. Who wants to wager that there won’t be anything remotely like the outrage directed at Sanguinetti? Political correctness and fear of being branded a bigot will prevail.

  6. why is this idiot not kicked out of Canada for his BS

  7. So… the problem isnt that some men are forcing themselves on others, its that women are objects? Ok, fine. So then if the problem is that some people cant control their arousal, how does it not make sense to make women wear those burlap sacs? Because the Koran specifically states that women should dress like that: what passage again?
    Have you seen this guy?! Clearly this Al-Haashim Kamena is just oozing too much raw sexiness that he ought to wear a tarp when the next gay-pride parade comes to his town, lest he be raped by a pack of men overcome by their most primal urges.

  8. why is this idiot not kicked out of Canada for his BS, in the USA they would have already received a good beat-down for this type of useless rhetoric

  9. Oh good grief … this guy just does not get it. What sort of weird Muslim misogynist IS he?

    I wonder if his repugnant views come out of the religion he seems to so willingly and cheerfully subscribe to, or is it a product of whatever came before he saw the light (so to speak)?

    So as not to stain hundreds of thousands of perfectly normal Muslims in Canada (and elsewhere), and the rest of us, with his odd personal views on what constitutes public acceptability, maybe a wise and compassionate Imam can take this fellow aside and do a bit of re-education? Previously the poor Constable seemed to be entirely unaware of what he was suggesting (self-censorship), and the result has been the “Slutwalk” movement, now a world-wide reminder to closet misogynists everywhere to grow up. There’s a HUGE difference between self-control and self-censorship … one rings out of joyful choice, the other from imposed threat and fear.

    I wonder what this guy is afraid of inside himself?

  10. This idiot should move to a country that better suits his ass-backwards bronze age mentality.

    There’s a reason that most countries in the Middle East are horrible places to live. It’s people like Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana.

  11. We love our freedoms and will not give them up. The fight to keep and expand women’s rights is not over yet.

  12. Oye Vay, this guy will put us all into trouble. I personally believe that everyone shoudl have the freedoms to wear whatever.

  13. I see McLeans is in the business of reiterating Sun “news”. I love how one man with zero credibility says something, and its suddenly front page news.

    Slow reporting day?

  14. My counter-point to this street preacher would be that Canada gives too much freedom to religious extremists under the guise of not wanting to offend anyone.

    It’s disgusting that anyone could seriously espouse these kinds of views today. And yet in the Muslim world, these and worse ideas (including female genital mutilation) are the norm. None of this is considered “radical” or “extremist” in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Somalia.

    Islam is a religion of submission. In fact, that’s exactly what the word Islam translates to. Submission. And it’s not only about submission to God, it’s about women submitting to men.

    I’d like to see this kind of commentary classified as hate speech in the Ontario Human Rights Code. This brand of “preaching” needs to stop.

  15. In the eyes of any sane person, the way someone dresses does NOT determine if they will get raped or not!! You have to be living in the Middle Ages to think so. Only a rapist’s own mental state determines if someone becomes a victim, the clothes just attract the eyes of said criminal. Saying that the clothes someone wears automatically makes them a victim is like saying leaving a valuable in your car automatically makes it stealable. Just because opportunity is there is not an invitation to commit a crime.
    That being said, violent rapists and murderers should be neutered and put on an island so as to no longer belong to a sane society.

  16. …and this from a man who’s religion stones women/girls who are raped instead of punishing the attacker!!

    he knows nothing about lawfulness or freedom, the quack

  17. This rant from a self-titled Muslim preacher has got nothing surprising to it. Instead of spending time studying such things as Sociology, Anthropology, History and all sorts of other “***gys”, he spent time studying Religious scriptures based on what was written by other people who never studied any known accepted social science.
    Mainly because they lived before the age of reason.

    His letter shows an absolute lack of understanding of the situation of women around the world. He even indirectly denies that women get raped in Muslim countries where the Burqua, among other demeaning female attire, is worn by every female over the age of 10.

    This is outrageous. Such ignorance! In a time where information flows from every corner of our existence, there are still people out there with the analytical power of a TRS-80…

    Shame on this man! Big, bad, shame.

  18. It is unfortunate that this man, raised in this country, could develop such archaic views. It strikes me that he represents the worst of Islam – a male dominated anachronistic faith. Not the faith of the Muslims that I know.

    I agree that some women do dress too “slut like”; however, being raped has nothing to do with how one dresses – all women have every right to dress as they choose and should be able to do so in safety.

    What religion would make the victim the culprit? – I would suggest that this man, and others like him. learn control.

    Last but far from least, I am impressed that the man who broke into a woman’s apartment to try to rape her could see through the walls to determine how she was dressed before he chose to rape her.

    Rape is about imposition of power, not about sex – shame on this man and his horrible views.

  19. Why are the opinions of some riffraff harassing people on the street newsworthy? Don’t give beggars handouts and don’t give attention-seekers attention.

  20. “Person preaching on street corner makes outlandish remarks that are out of step with society.” Classic: the Onion couldn’t have written a better parody of journalism.

  21. It is thoughtful of Mr. Atangana to have such concern for the safety of Canadian women, but it sounds like his fundamental beliefs are at odds with The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He should consider emigrating to a country more in line with his views, such as the United Arab Emirates.

    • Thoughtful? Give your head a shake! Worried about the safety of women? Is this what you say to his kind when they beat their women for being rape… People like you need to wake up, too. No offence meant!
      people like him choose to judge women because of how they stand, walk or dress… If they have sexual issues, it’s their sick mind that is the problem, and definately not created by women

  22. Just mouthing off about it is nothing.

    If he doesn’t like the law, he should get elected and change it.

    Plus, his ideas are un-Canadian and 100 years out of date.

  23. A man’s lack of self control is not a womans fault. Part of the blessing of being born a Canadian is that if you don’t like the way we do things, you are free to leave. There are plenty of countries in the world where women are treated poorly because men fear them. Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out.

  24. These are just the wages of Islam. Its been this way for 1400 years.

  25. Starting another flamewar eh? Must be a slow news day. Cue shitstorm in 3…2…1…

  26. This is disguisting, a complete shift of blame… I just think we need to be careful with how much attention we give him, so not to justify or credit anything he says.

  27. So Atangana is saying men are incapable of being decent human beings? Men have zero moral compass? No code of conduct or conscience? That men cannot be expected to be anything more than dogs that will f*** whatever they see? Wow, Atanagana really thinks so little of his gender, doesn’t he?

  28. I think Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana is a latent homosexual who hates women. Why else would any male have an issue with a woman’s body. Let’s see: he hangs out only with other guys (usually with beards), won’t shake or touch a woman’s hand, and believes woman should be completely separated from men.
    Geez, I wonder why I detest Islam.
    Can we not apply some sort of ‘hate speech’?

  29. So what? I can hear the same ridiculous, sexist garbage at a ‘Christian’ church on any given Sunday. Either the subject is working, equal pay, day care, contraception, or allegedly dressing in a way that men can’t help themselves from committing sexual assault, it’s the same trash talk from frightened little men wrapping their misogyny up in religion. BTW what was the religion of that cop who told women they shouldn’t dress like ‘sluts’ if they didn’t want to get raped?

  30. I’m betting there will be not one demonstration about this. Political correctness and fear of being branded a bigot/racist will prevail.

  31. He is absolutely correct. The way some women dress is provocative.
    Men have evolved to respond sexually to a women’s anatomy, it is quite natural. No amount of feminist propaganda will change that.

    I do disagree that it is a matter for the state to decide what is and is not appropriate. The ways of people and governments are far too fickle for that.

    Traditionally moral education provided the knowledge of appropriate behaviour for men and women alike. However religion and real culture have been sacrificed at the altar of consumerism. The consequences of rejecting ancient practices without fully understanding their purpose is short sighted is increasingly having negative consequences for human societies.

    I for one, applaud the Street Preacher for having the courage and conviction to point out an obvious truth. Dress provocatively and some men will, quit naturally, be provoked (action/reaction).

  32. Do you not realize that you are helping spread this idiot’s message of hate and intolerance? Why devote the keystrokes and website space to anything this sort of extremist has to say? Yes, your blog will reach thousands of people who will agree that he’s an extremist and possibly a lunatic, and represents everything that is wrong with religious extremism. But it also may reach those one or two people on the edge of becoming unhinged and give them the nudge they need to start practicing their terrible beliefs in an overt or even violent manner. These idiots are like nuissance bears. Deny them what they want by ignoring them, and they will go elsewhere. Give them airtime, newsprint space etc, and they become dangerous.

  33. The whole point here is “street preacher”. Of course he is entitled to his own opinions. That’s one of the reasons to be proud of our citizenship.

    As a “street preacher” it is just an opinion. There is no fact to anything he states. There is no study to help support his views. If he would like to paraphrase some study (to which he can refer or document) then, perhaps, there will be some credence to his ramblings.

    Until then, stop giving him press coverage. He is getting exactly what he wants. Attention with no facts.

  34. Why is this a story? He’s a nutjob. The only reason the Toronto Sun picked this story up is because he’s an Islamist nutjob and it suits Sun Media to portray Muslims as crazed fanatics whenever possible. The Sun article failed to note that he quoted Sanguinetti, and also failed to note his opinion is also held by any number of right wing loons, such as those who habitually read the Toronto Sun.

  35. So some random lunatic on the street, who happens to share the views of a lot of idiots, spouting a bunch of inane, sexist, ignorant trash, is now news just because it will make people mad enough to pay attention? That’s the threshold for a newsworthy story now? What a waste.

  36. I was speaking to a schizophrenic man the other day about how all the gold we need can be found on the dark side of the moon. Given that you’re now publishing and editorializing on the opinions of mentally ill street people, perhaps you should speak with him for your next article. Thank you for this trip down absurdity lane.

  37. As expected.. the blame falls on the women. There is NEVER a situation in which it is o.k. to take advantage of a woman, regardless of her attire.
    I have a different suggestion that would address the rapist attacks. I think every little girl, from the time she can walk.. be in mandatory self defence training.. and that she maintain her ability to defend herself the rest of her life. A few newscasts about would-be sex offenders.. of children, or women, who were met by trained women and whose lives had been shortened, would make them think twice before acting out their fantasies.

  38. Next week, the Toronto Sun interviews a Scientologist preacher about teen pregnancy!!

    On a serious note: the less exposure this idiot receives, the better. There are thousands of delusional weirdos in Toronto that would produce far more interesting interviews than a Muslim preacher.

  39. Deport him and all like minded Islamic males out of Canada immediately, before they totally over-run and devastate our nation.

  40. This guy needs to go back to saudi Arabia!

  41. rapist should get the capital punishment. jail is too lenient for serious offense like rape. in ancient times, these guys would have been hanged in public.

  42. Mmph. And I’m sure Atangana is conveniently forgetting that, even in places where women cover themselves completely (whether under pressure from their society or from their own choice), rapes still happen. Frequently, too.

    The blame for rape lies squarely on the shoulders of the rapist.

  43. This is Canada… This is why I think Islam is garbage

  44. I disagree with author- this ‘street preacher’ preaches Islamic values completely dfferent from Sanguinetti’s remarks. Look at the intended consequences- comon sense dressing recommended by Sanguinetti versus sharia laws imposed on all women everywhere starting with Toronto.

  45. You cannot blame the victim.

  46. rape happens because these are animals and cannot get laid. it’s as simple as that. I recommend women get martial arts training which you can defend yourself with gun or knife attacks in close contact. With martial arts a women can kill an attacker.

  47. why would you even publish this article? it gives readers the idea that it is okay to talk about what women can and cannot do and continues to perpetuate stereotypes towards Muslims. All in all a poor decision. In going for shock value, you’ve offended many.

  48. Maybe they should have a law against men wearing expensive suits. After all, when they dress so provocatively, it’s their fault when they get robbed. Isn’t it.

  49. as much i detest militat islamic teachings in this case i have to agree with the muslim view point. sluts are sluts, and according to charles darwin they (feminist, sluts, gay, …) will die-out, and that when muslim brotherhud will take control of the west.
    it is true that sluts have the right to dress the way they want to but we as a society should excercise our right for self preservation.

    • You are an idiot. You’re probably a bigger slut than any woman can be.

  50. The Toronto Sun put this low-life, street preaching, social disfunctional person on their front page and calls it news. All the idiots all up the way to the Sr.Editor is to blame for running this story by quoting this lunatic.

  51. Shame on you MacLeans. Publishing this story only gives this man more of a voice and more power. The media needs to stop publishing stories like this one. MacLeans is just as much to blame as this extreme individual.

  52. Oh I see, is he saying that men aren’t responsible for their actions? Or, is he saying that men have no control? Get out of the dark ages you idiot…

  53. that “be” ( he ) believes.

  54. Why did you just take the suntv bait? You know there are lots of white christian street preachers who say the same thing.

    • Absolutely.
      The media attract a lot of readers/viewers based on paranoia. And there is no paranoia like religious paranoia.

  55. Hmm…do women in the Middle East not get raped? Oh, that’s right, the rapist will say that the victim brought it on themselves for dressing provocatively so technically women don’t get raped in the Middle East, they were basically begging for it.

  56. I think he should comtemplate what century he’s in. I think it’s about time that ‘men’ stop blaming women for being sexually assaulted. We all know that when men assault women it’s because they’re cowards who attack the weak so that they can feel strong. little men…

  57. It is disturbing, but not surprising. Some protestant preachers including Billy Graham had experssed similar opinions in the past. Fundamentalists may share the same view of society, regardless of their religion.

  58. Oh shut UP, dude.

  59. It’s funny how some people think women are showing their freedom by having these slutwalk marches. And I’m sure some of the men don’t mind that at all. That females are degrading themselves by wearing skimpy clothes to make a point. Heck maybe the music industry can use this example and encourage our younger generation of girls to dress like a slut as if they don’t already. What ever happen to dressing like a lady, ah the good old days.

  60. Um … could it be that Canadian laws give too much freedom to MEN?!! If they’re the ones having so much trouble controlling their urges – seems to me THEY’RE the ones with the problem, not women. So why should WE live our lives from under a tarp, just so THEY don’t have to exercise civility?

    Funny how the majority of Canadian men manage to get through most days without having to hunt down and rape or beat a woman because she’s not completely covered from head to foot … perhaps your Muslim men might consider administering a little bit more self-control and discipline – isn’t that what their religion is all about? Living a right life? Or is sexual abuse one of the exceptions?

  61. Really,methinks it is men who are the problem. Selfish, egocentric, rude and sometimes violent behaviour.
    Perhaps he doesn’t want to grow up and conduct himself in a law abiding and/or simply courteous manner. Children blame others, Adults take responsibility for their own actions. These crimes are committed by adult males who are to lazy, boorish, arrogant or immature to control themselves. Not all men have this problem of course. Children like candy, they learn they cannot eat it exclusively. Adolescents like speed. They must adher to the speed limits like everyone. We all like to sleep in; we get to work on time. WE are mature, responsible adults.

  62. To much freedom? And the way women dress? Give me a break in Islam woman are dressed from head to foot and they still get raped all the time…how about men learning to respect women and learn to keep it in their pants…men need to start being accountable for their own action’s and stop blaming woman for all the crap they pull…sickening this type of backward thinking is still acceptable in these times

  63. I found the slutwalk really offensive actually…the women came across as naive and uneducated. It’s obvious that you can’t dress provocatively whenever you want because they’re will always be perverts on the street looking at you and one is bound to act on his/her impulses. So you reduce the risk. It’s your choice if you wan to increase the risk or not. No one is taking women’s right away. Just like i can choose to have sex with or without a condom and live with the risks and consequences that I choose.

  64. Why is this guy getting so much attention. In the background of a picture of him (from another news site) there is a white guy holding up his sign warning people to repent. He is standing on a corner with a group of various religious nuts and somehow he gets picked out and his story is all over the news. His message is an old one and not restricted to Islam that women are to blame for inviting sexual assault. Until recently our courts allowed this type of nonsense to be used as a defense.
    There will always be extremists in every faith and most we simply ignore. Can’t we just ignore this one?

  65. Articles like this are just contributing to the sea of garbage that flows across the face of the Internet. Rather than sharing an actual news story that is thought-provoking or interesting, Josh Dehaas has shared with us the sexist and ultimately irrelevant viewpoints of a random street preacher. What will it be next time? A review about the degree of stench that can be detected from the rotting body of a dead squirrel on Parliament Hill? Thank you, Macleans, for this utterly useless piece of writing.

  66. Haha, very tactful how the headline side steps calling him a Muslim cleric and instead goes with the much more ambiguous ‘street preacher,’ a term that is obviously going to lead people who don’t read the article itself into thinking he’s a bad ol Christian. Mission accomplished media. Bravo.

  67. OK this guy is full of it, in Islam woman can be covered from head to foot and they still get raped…time men start being accounting for their actions and stop blaming woman for you not being able to keep it in your pants…grow up already!

  68. Somebody want to send that idiot back to the camel jockey country he escaped from?

  69. @Old Tymer, your comment is deplorable! It’s men like you that give us all a bad name. No woman should have to submit and be forced to cover up because of a few sub-human perverts that can’t control themselves. Men are not primative beasts that will jump and hump every female they see! It’s not up to you or anyone else, least of all males, to decide how women should dress. If you really think women deserve to be raped because of what they wear, or the lack of, then you don’t belong in a civilized society.

  70. How exactly is this publish worthy news? Who cares what some guy on the street says – we all have our opinions.

  71. Shame on you for publishing this crap! Canada is a multi-cultural society and thus meaning we all can have our own views or ways of life, but this isnt a muslim country. His ways of life are his own and this sack of shit thinks he can change the way we live because thats what his religion says? Absolute b.s. if you dont like the way we canadiand do things than leave, simply put. Yes i love christmas , and yes i love womans rights and love the fact that woman are equal parts of society. But to tell me that woman get raped because the way the dress? Thats an idiot talking, a man with no idea how society works and cares only to his own agenda. Ive read stories bout 60-80 year olds getting sexually abused you bloody moron, how sexy does a woman in her 70’s dress u fool? So according to this idiot woman who get raped bear all the blame right? No fault at all lies on the one who is raping woman. Absolute idiot, not every rape involves a woman dressing provocativly nor is every rape towards a woman of good looks, nor is every rape on a woman either. This guys a pure idiot who thinks canada is another country where woman cant vote and have no say.
    Heres what i call a perfect day, sitting on a nude beach on the day both men and woman get to vote for either a male or female president just a few weeks before christmas. Take that to the bank a shove it u moron
    GIRL POWER!!!!

  72. Hey this guys a joke, i love canada because out woman are smart, educated, have the right to vote and have the right to wear what ever they want. In canada our woman ate equal parts of society. Our woman dont get forced inti a sham marriage, canadain woman can be doctors, ceos and priministers. I love canadian girls and not only are they the best girls in the world, but they got the greatest legs, butts, boobs and everything else sexy, so why cover up such beauty?

  73. Eh? Funny how this idiot complains bout how people dress. Has he looked in the mirror? He looks like my grandma just woke up and forgot to shave.
    Before you make ignorant judgements jus think of how dumb you look.
    How bout a man on men wearing summer dresses all year round.

  74. ^^^^^ wow I feel like u just opened my eyes!! It’s clear if you dress like a slut there is a better chance of getting victimized.. Clearly we have the choice in Canada to do what you want, and it is the fault of the criminal not the victim, but your chances will increase.. I can’t believe I just spent 2 minutes responding to this

  75. shame on you for even giving this man the time of day to publish such crap. This man does not belong in Canada. he is now blaming the women for the way they dress. Hellooooooooooooooo men can walk around with just shorts on and some of them are to be desired, yet a woman should be covered up head to toe so a man wont rape them. yeah your story is an insult to any woman living in todays world. Send this man back where he came from although it would be hard to do as he came from his fathers sperm.

  76. He may have a point.

    First start off with demanding all members of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid wear burkas.

    Then how about getting the ulitmate US-imported apologist Judy Rebick wearing one? At least that would beautify the city!

  77. In one move of his pen, this silly street preaching Muslim has managed to paint his faith as totally idiotic. Watch the young Canadian women avoid Islam in droves as the realize they will be responsible to dress in bags while men are not required to be responsible for their sexual actions. Whether this is true or not, most Canadians have no understanding of Islam and yet this street preacher has taught them all they need to know. Maybe some of his “brethren” need to heartily congratulate him on further immunizing Canadians against his brand of faith..

  78. People would not sexually assault if they did not have a reason. There are many reasons a person might do this:
    – women dressed provocatively
    -sexual deprivation of the assaulter and inability to control urges
    -living in a repressed society and inability to control urges
    In my opinion,both men and women (except for the insane) have a responsibility in preventing sexual assault:the man by controlling his urges, and the woman by dressing less provocatively. It’s a mutual responsibility.

  79. By the way, if you read the Quran thoroughly you would
    Know that God asks men to ” lower their gaze” when in the presence
    Of an attractive woman. But He also talks about women having to ” cover up “. Nothing
    Is mentionned about covering hair or every inch of your body. It just says to “cover up”
    areas that might be a factor in arousing men’s desires
    So, as you see , in Islam, Both men and women are accountable
    And have a responsibility in preventing sexual assault: the man by controlling his urges ,
    And the woman by covering up reasonably. Islam is a just and reasonable religion. Unfortunately,
    Muslims tend to misinterpret and exaggerate God ‘s commands. Islam is simpler
    and more equitable then people tend to think.

    • @ GZ

      Thanks for broadcasting your ignorance. As anyone would has studied the psychology behind sexual assault knows, sexual assault is about power and control — NOT any of the so-called “reasons” you listed.

      But thanks for perpetuating the myth that women’s clothing somehow has something to do with the rapes and violent acts committed against them. By the way, did you realize that the rate of rapes and other forms of sexual assaults are really quite high in MUSLIM countries? You know, the places where women are usually dressed like walking body bags? The places where the Quran directly influences everyday life and politics? And that, as other commentators have pointed out, even little girls and old women are victims of sexual violence — do you really think these age groups dress provocatively, in any society?

  80. Your anger has blinded you to a lot of things mentionned
    In my email. When I say one of the reasons for sex assaults
    Is the inability to control one’s urges, it is very much related to
    The need for power and control. People who have the need to
    Overpower and control clearly have a problem controlling their urges.
    It is one and the same thing, or in way related.
    As for Muslim countries having high rates of sexual assaults, that is also true.
    And the reason is like I said “sexual deprivation” due to living under the pressure
    Of a very repressive society. ( and not women dressed provocatively)
    In short, there are many reasons why this might happen. But there is no doubt
    that a woman dressed in revealing clothes will be a risk
    Factor along with all the other factors.
    The beauty of the Quran is that it holds both the man and woman
    responsible to adjust their behavior in a way to prevent
    Sexual assaults from happening. A man must ” lower his gaze” ( quoted from Quran)
    which means to control his urges, while a woman should not dress in revealing clothes
    that may arouse or provoke. I guess it is up to every
    society to decide what in their view would be considered
    provocative. I am not trying to advocate being veiled from
    head to toe. I am just trying to make you realize that a woman can dress less
    provocatively and yet still be fashionable and beautiful.
    We all have a role to play if we want to create a healthy society
    free of sexual assaults.
    One last thing, I will present you with an analogy. A woman dressed
    Provocatively in a street full of perverts is much like a person who lives
    in a dangerous neighborhood full of thieves, yet refuses to lock their door,
    and has all their valuables displayed thru the window for all to see
    Then when he gets robbed, he is in complete shock.

    Please respond politely and objectively.

  81. Ironically seeing a topless man doesn’t cause me to “lose control of myself and attempt to rape him.” The proposed hypothesis is so misguided and completely ignores the fact that rape is not a natural reflex; rapists are in fact disturbed individuals with underlying issues. As well, it is ideologies such as this that mistakenly and immorally place blame on the victim rather than the perpetrator.

    I am disappointed that such a disgusting opinion has been given such a large platform from which to continue spouting nonsense.

  82. This bone-head should shut the f**k up. There are more women living in the middle-east being raped wearing this stupid, ugly, garb and he has the balls to tell our women to dress in a Halloween costume all year round. Shut the hell up you ignorant bastard we don’t need you nutjob views. Go back to your ignorant, oppressed country.