Strike deadline at UWindsor -

Strike deadline at UWindsor

Support staff could walk by the 21


Campus police, and other support staff at the University of Windsor, could be on strike as early as next week. After the Canadian Auto Workers, which has 400 members, received a 96 per cent vote in favour of a strike, the union announced that the university has until Oct 21 to avert a walkout. The CAW represents campus police and parking officials, operating engineers, and full and part-time office and clerical workers. The union cites “pensions and job security as well as wages and benefits,” as areas where agreement has not yet been met. Negotiations restarted yesterday.


Strike deadline at UWindsor

  1. Would this mean the school would close during the period of this strike?

  2. Likely it would mean only that services on campus would be interrupted.

    Here is how the union puts it: “Should an agreement not be reached before the strike deadline, all frontline services will be impacted, including services to students, heating and cooling of the buildings, parking and campus security and most other services at the university.”

  3. It could also mean an interruption in classes for some people. Some professors have already come out and said they will not be crossing the picket lines. It might affect people in that way, but it will affect residence students in large ways. I doubt the school will close though.

  4. How can anyone not laugh at these people threatening to go on strike? Campus police? Well…LOL…sorry but I can’t believe metermaids have the nerve to threaten to strike. Same with clerical workers. Their jobs are so meaningless and easy that they could probably be done by a team of volunteers. Unions have become a cancer.

  5. Unions are not a cancer, i hope they do go on strike and get what they want out of the school ebcause with the amount of tuition i pay i expect them to keep up with our services and keep them happy. Unions are not a cancer they protect the working man. You should probly know what you are talking about before you get ahead of yourself and say something.

  6. So, does this mean we can park in faculty spaces now? Chaos!

  7. Why didn’t they sett;le this in the 2008 strike???!!! ***

  8. Thanks Chris for sticking up for us!!…and for Mr. Chuck…I would like to know where you work…hope it is never for the union..and I hope you have never attended a University….I am part of this strike as a clerical worker..and my two daughters also attend and being a single mom this will take a toll on the three of us but I still stand behind by coworkers…they have been cutting back jobs from the University for the past two years now…many are out of work along with a secretary in our department…the dept, has over 40 professors that I prep work now I will receive the same pay and double the work…this is not fair…while the administrative keeps getting bigger…and two years ago when the Professors received a huge raise we stood behind them…Chuck…don’t condemn someone if you have never worked in their shoes!!…

  9. It will badly affect the students.