Student falls to death at Queen's -

Student falls to death at Queen’s

A second student was injured but remains in stable condition


One student has died and another injured after the two fell through a library skylight at Queen’s University’s Duncan McArthur Hall. The university identified the victim as 19 year old Habib Khan who died in hospital Thursday night. Khan is a Canadian citizen with family in Saudi Arabia. The other student who was injured has been identified as 18 year old Stephen Nagy of Mississauga, who remains in stable condition. “Our hearts and prayers are with Habib and Stephen’s families and friends,” Principal Daniel Woolf said. “This is a terrible tragedy.” The university has lowered flags in remembrance of Khan. Queen’s has not released information as to why the students were on the roof of the McArthur building.

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Student falls to death at Queen’s

  1. RIP. You are now with the greatest man.

  2. My heart goes out to the dear Khan family. Habib was a wonderful young man and will be remembered most fondly here at Dhahran High School. May Allah give your family strength and support during this terrible ordeal.Hiba, our class will be with you in your sorrow.
    Mrs. Al

  3. Dear Khan Fly. Very shocked to hear this news. My Son Shamanth was his best buddy here in Dhahran and we will miss you Habib. May Allah give you all the strength and support to deal with this sudden loss.
    D’Souza Fly, Dhahran

  4. Dear Khan family,
    I am filled with grief over your loss of Habib and can only pray that you find the strength to cope with his tragic passing. I will always remember Habib to be the wonderful, polite, thoughtful person he always was to me in my time at Dhahran High School.
    Mrs. Lewars
    (former counselor at Dhahran High School)

  5. RIP Habib, You were a one of a kind. May God bless your soul buddy.

  6. RIP Habib, you’re now in a much better place than here. Enjoy living in heaven.

  7. Dear Queen’s University,

    I do not “laugh” at you; rather, I extend to you my thoughts, prayers, concern and thanks for your handling of the accident involving the death of Habib Khan and the injury of Stephen Nagy. My daughter is presently attending the Habib’s funeral with her other Queen’s friends who share in the overwhelming collective sorrow and sadness at this time.

    I believe that we all do well to survive our teen years. Some of us do not or are compromised along the way. You presently have two of my children in your care and I do not use the word ‘care’ lightly. I admire your efforts to support your community of learners as they process the unusual events surrounding this recent accident. It is not an easy task to oversee thousands of young people who are experimenting with their first tastes of freedom and adulthood. I am secure in the knowledge that your hearts and policies are in the right place.

    I join the Queen’s University community and the families and friends of Habib and Stephen in their sorrow and sadness at this difficult time. What is required most urgently is compassion – not judgement.

    Thank you for the continued fine work that you do with our young people.


    Susan Murray
    (Mother of BComm ’12 and Arts ’14 students)

  8. RIP Habib
    may you rest in peace and may Allah help your family and friends cope with this horrible tragedy

  9. Don Laird:

    You have no right to judge anyone. His death was a tragedy and lowering a flag to honour a human is not considered “obscene”, moreover not taing any action is obscene. Going off on to rant about a trivial ritual overlooking the enormity of the situation, the grief and horror of the family, the life taken away, that’s obscenity at its height. He never got the change to, but I am certain that if Habib Khan had lived, he would have done something great with his life. Profaning his memory by demeaning his entire existence is just plain wrong. Optimistic, fun loving and just good, he was never reckless, adventurous maybe, never reckless.

    All that said, I still believe with all my heart that there is not even the slightest capacity in the sorrow of sudden events, for you to be making such insensitive judgements. Don’t judge unless you know everything.

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  12. Gee Don, you must have some kind of crazy grudge against Queen’s (rejected?) to use this article citing a young man’s tragic accidental death as some sort of forum for your half-assed prose bashing the university for… what were you even trying to say? We shouldn’t lower the flags when a student dies because he wasn’t a soldier like you? I mean… come on. Get out of here.

  13. As a student of queens university, I extend the greatest apologies to all friends and family of Habib. No one other than Stephen and Habib know why they were on the roof, and even if the community never learns why, everyone should mourn the loss of a young man looking to make the best of his life. To turn his death into something of politics and conflicting view towards the university, while they may be your personal beliefs, is extremely inconsiderate and I hope you are truly ashamed of yourself. I hope Habib’s friends and family will ignore the ignorance posted above.
    Once again, I am truly sorry for your loss, we here at Queen’s are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

  14. Thanks for all the comments. Habib was a caring and thoughtful child. He wouldn’t take on the challenges without considering the risks. He had leadership qualities that probably made him go first ahead of other three kids who followed him to the roof top. HOWEVER, we shouldn’t ignore by anyone that going to the roof top was a regular occurrence among students.
    The breaking of the skylight is another issue separate from the fall. It should be investigated to prevent any future mishaps.

  15. Though I never knew Habib personally, I know many people in the community who have been effected by this incident. It upsets me to know that some people are focusing on deconstructing the reasons why he was on the rooftop to begin with. I’m not sure if being up their was a regular occurence, but does it even matter? The focus should not be on why he died, rather who he died as. Habib should be remembered by his ecstatic qualities, not by this one event that changed everything in a split second. There is no point in dwelling in this incident, but reliving the legacy he has left. Heroes are remembered, but legends never die. If Habib was here today, all he would want would be for his loved ones, family, and friends to be happy. May Habib’s soul rest in peace, and InshAllah receive that place in heaven that it deserves. Habib, even though you are not here with us, you will forever remain in our hearts. You have made me realize that life should be lived by a level of passion, so that the day we are no longer here, we are remembered by who we were.

  16. Thank you for setting me straight. Indeed, I want my son to be remembered and prayed for his great qualities. He had given us beautiful 19 years. We will remember him, pray for him (& us) and except Allah’s will in every way. As a family we have accepted Allah’s will for what we had, we now have and will have going forward.

  17. I salute your courage and patience to withstand the great loss of your beloved son at such a tender age. This strenghthens our belief in Allah that every thing and very soul belongs to him and He has a right to take it away whenever He desires.

    Living with the sweet memoirs of your son will be very testing for you especially for Habib’s mother and other siblings. May Allah give them enough strength to bear this irrepairable lose and outlive this overwhelming tragedy.

  18. May Allah grant us all strength to move forward, may Allah grant Habib’s family strength to bear this irreparable loss and tragedy, and May Allah bless us all as we embark on the healing process.

    Habib may you rest in peace in Allah’s arms, May Allah grant you everlasting peace, and serenity and May you drink from the fountain of Kawthar. You leave a family with volumes and volumes of memories to last a lifetime and you leave behind friends who loved you, with whom you shared dreams with, laughed with, and cried with. You accomplished so much in such a short time. Some people live a lifetime and don’t accomplish what you did in a blink of an eye.

    Thank you for being part of my journey! Thank you for being Taymouri’s friend. As long as I live I will always remember you running and jumping around the house as a small child in your Superman cape that I sewed for you. Thank YOU for that memory and countless others. Until we meet again Habib. Remember to keep a watchful eye over your mom, dad & your sisters.

    Habib, you were ours for such a short time. Assalamu Alaikum Habib, from Allah we come to Allah we return…. Ameen!

  19. My condolences to Minhaj and Huma for the loss of their beloved son Habib. Just got the news this morning and didn’t know how to reach you. May Allah give you the courage to bear the loss and may his soul rest in peace.
    Meena Mustafa ( Sabhia’s friend)

  20. Dear Minhaj Bhai, I am shocked to learn about this tragedy 5 minutes ago just by chance as I called you two times at your Toronto number but no answer. Then I was searching to find your possible alternate number on the web and suddenly i saw this tragic news. If You are still in Canada please let me know. May Allah give you the sabar to bear this test of a life time and my heart felt condolence to Bhabhi also. Please call me if you can. My cell is 647-262-2251

  21. To Susan Murray: I am your daughters don and I can promise you that I am doing everything in my power to keep her safe.
    Also, I am Habib Khan’s Don in residence and all I can say is that the loss of Habib feels like I lost one of my own children. We are a family on Brockington 4 and this tragedy has hit us harder than anything else. We lost a vital member of our floor community. He was an ideal resident and everybody was his friend. We will always remember his smile, his laughter (the absence of which has made our halls so quiet now) and his outstanding personality. We have lost a son, a brother and a dear friend and we can only hope that time will heal our wounds. We have a mural of his pictures hanging in our hall so that we may walk by it everyday and remember the times when our floor was complete and the times when we were blessed to have him in our lives. We all love Habib and miss him more than words can describe.
    Respect. HK.