"Student politics is petty and stupid" - Macleans.ca

“Student politics is petty and stupid”


Yet another example to illustrate that statement.


“Student politics is petty and stupid”

  1. Here’s another example, from the same student association:

    “TCSA fires Executive Coordinator: Board split on decision some are calling ‘unethical'”

    And in response: “Open letter to Trent students”
    which contains the unsurprising remark “the required annual performance review for Executive Coordinator had not been given for the past several years.”

    Question: how many students’ unions are there out there that actually manage their staff well?

  2. “Student politics is petty and stupid.” Really? How interesting.

    I wonder what that says about people who blog incessantly about “student politics.”

    I’m tempted to think “pathetic.” Maybe that’s not the right word.

  3. No students’ union needs a president, anyway.

  4. If student politics is to “stupid” then why does Maclean’s throw a tantrum when they can’t get credentials to cover a national student organization’s annual congress? Maybe instead of turning your nose up at this situation, you should investigate the strong Liberal connections that Mooney and his ticket are rumored to have. THAT would be journalism!

  5. You have several times in the past, Rick, dismissed blogs as “diaries” for the simple fact that they are blogs. You wrote: “By the way, I hardly consider online diaries to be ‘the media.’

    I queried with “does the slur ‘diary’ only apply to points of view that you don’t agree with?”

    You responded with:

    “I’m sorry, isn’t a blog basically an online diary?”

    But when the RFP blogs, they are “actual journalists.” I just don’t follow.

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