Student punished over sandwich bag

School policy requires reusable lunch containers


A Laval kindergarten student was excluded from a class contest because his parents wrapped his lunch in a Ziploc bag, contravening the school’s environmental policy. In an interview with the National Post, Marc-André Lanciault said that when he confronted his son Félix’s teacher about the incident he was told, “You know Mr. Lanciault, it’s not very good for the environment . . . We have to take care of our planet and the bags do not decompose well.” Lanciault objects that his son was prohibited from taking part in a class draw to win a stuffed animal because of a decision he and his wife made. “[S]urely there’s a better way than to penalize kids. The goal wasn’t achieved anyway. At the end of the day my son doesn’t know why he shouldn’t use a Ziploc bag,” he said. The Laval school board did not respond to interview requests from the Post.

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Student punished over sandwich bag

  1. PLEASE at least get the spelling of ‘sandwich’ right!

  2. It’s spelled ‘sammich’ isn’t it?

  3. sannich i think….

  4. My kids’ school has contests all the time to promote certain things. Sometimes they have a “Freggie Friday”, and the class with the most students who have fruits and veggies as part of their lunch get a prize at the end of the month (usually a veggie and fruit platter.) They have also had environmentally friendly lunch days. These contests are advertised in advance, the kids know it is coming up, information is sent home. If the contest was “all children who bring a lunch in enviromentally friendly packaging will be entered into the contest” then the kid should have been excluded from entering!!
    Way to blow the situation out of proportion Mom and Dad!!

  5. This is News? “Tolerance” obviously does not reach to those who use ziplock baggies. Nothing like nitpicking instead of highlighting values and principles for life. Spelling is my own, sorry for any errors.

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