Student quits over Halifax transit strike

39,000 students can’t use their bus passes


A Saint Mary’s University student said he quit his classes on Monday because the transit strike in Halifax has made it too difficult to get to school. “I was already missing assignments and quizzes and stuff due to the strike,” second-year criminology student Chase Sabourin told CBC News. “The strike could be over this week, it could be another month down the road. I’m not going to wait around hoping it’s going to end tomorrow,” he added. Sabourin said he plans to return in September. Seven hundred Amalgamated Transit Union workers went on strike on Feb. 2. rendering Halifax’s 39,000 student transit passes useless, at least for now.


Student quits over Halifax transit strike

  1. This city has designed itself to support a transit system. Those choosing to live in such a self supporting system expect the services to be there just as the tax man expects to be paid. It is the responsibility of that entity and its supporters to uphold this business promise. The promise of this service was understood in the first place wasn’t it? I have to pay my bills and do not get the service until such time the terms are paid for. Is the terms of pay unreasonable to the city? Such a business neglect is costing several ends of city operation a ton of money. This strike, to me if I was a new country man moving to Halifax with a bag full of money, is indicating that the city does not have its people intuitive to growth. I am severely impaired by this strike and several am sure share this surprise. Come to an agreement please. To the city…you know you’ll have to pay anyway. Let them get back to work and most of all… Make it work! Michelle Thibodeau

  2. So, this article was posted on Monday on CBC. The bus strike started on Thursday. I am a SMU student and Saint Marys classes are typically Monday-Thursday as most classes are not scheduled on Fridays. Therefore this person missed 2-3 days of classes at the most due to the strike. If he has been thinking about leaving SMU for 2 weeks, then that is not because of the bus strike. And how much can you really miss in that amount of time? Assignments can be emailed and if you talk to your profs early enough, quizes can be made up for these circumstances. It’s already half way through the semester, this person is going to get all W’s on his transcript, wouldn’t it be better to just try a little harder? Im sure they can still make it downtown to drink.

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