Student union executive pay — Western Canada edition

How much does your student union president make?


Two weeks ago, my OnCampus colleague Dean Tester did some sleuthing on the salaries earned by student union executives in Ontario. Seeing as how it got the interweb comment board buzzing, I thought I would follow it up with a look at what our student leaders make west of the Canadian Shield (Western Canada, for those not geographically inclined).

Most of these numbers comes from a report done by the UBC student union (better known as the AMS), which had a committee review the salaries of their own executives. So these numbers come from either available budgets/minutes, or correspondence between the AMS committee and executives at other universities. So without further adieu:

University of Calgary: $35,160

Simon Fraser University: $30,000

University of Victoria: $25,077  (This number is very approximate—they’re expected to work 37.5 a week at $12.86 an hour)

University of Manitoba: $25,000 (This is a number from 2005—it’s been raised by CPI every year since then)

University of British Columbia: $25,000

University of Alberta: $24,000

University of Saskatchewan: $22,494

University of Regina: $20,656.56

University of Lethbridge: $19,200


Student union executive pay — Western Canada edition

  1. As with the last post, it may be also helpful to indicate how many hours executives are expected to work. It is also interesting that many colleges in Alberta pay their executives more than many university student union executives.

  2. When I was at UofS as the VP Academic I was expected to work at least 40 hours per week, including the time I was in class (I was allowed to take up to 12 credits during my term). That being said, I am aware that many executive members in recent years (including some of my peers) have worked much less than that (closer to 25 hours for some), depending on personal conviction, their position, and how well enforced the office hours were.

    We had 3 weeks vacation, 2 weeks shutdown at Christmas, an EDO per month, and 12 Academic Days Off during the year. Our health plan was also covered. I think in more recent years the SU has started paying for a class or two for the president.

  3. The Simon Fraser Student Society policy states remuneration is $1750 a month / $21000 a year – not $30000.

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