Student union freezes aid money to Palestine -

Student union freezes aid money to Palestine

UBC Israeli group petitions against funding aid flotilla


Student group money destined for a Canadian aid flotilla to Gaza has been frozen by the University of British Columbia Alma Mater Society (AMS). UBC student group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) was to receive $700 from a students’ union resource centre to donate to the  aid flotilla that is set to sail in the Spring.

However, after students complained to the AMS executive, the transfer of funds to the SPHR was frozen. A petition against sending student money to the flotilla has also been circulated by the Israeli Awareness Club.

AMS president Bijan Ahmadi­an told the Ubyssey that executives were nervous about approving the transaction without consulting student council, which will be reviewing the decision on Dec 1. “The bud­get for the boat is $300,000 so it’s not like the boat won’t sail if they don’t get the money in two weeks,” he said.

The resource centre objects to the AMS position and claims that it has the authority to provide funding for outside causes. “A lot of groups at UBC rou­tinely donate to outside causes, and other resource groups do as well. That’s not a reasonable case at this point,” Ari­elle Friedman, treasure of the resource centre, said.

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Student union freezes aid money to Palestine

  1. Why don’t the rich Arab countries step up to the plate with funds. Why are the Arab Countries keeping the people of Gaza subjugated.Is it because they are using them as a burr against Israel?

  2. Let’s review the facts. Hamas is on a Canadian list of terrorist groups.Hamas controls Gaza, Hamas is bent on destroying the State of Israel. On the other hand, Israel not only sends tons of food to the people of Gaza on a weekly basis, but allows shipments of food, medicine and humanitarian aid to be delivered. The purpose of the blockade is to keep out arms and weapons. Doesn’t Israel have the right to defend itself? Any individual supporting Canadian flotilla to Gaza ought to examine these hard facts.

  3. Defending Israel is being complicit in war crimes. The people of Gaza, need freedom, and that is only to come with a breaking of the siege. To freeze the funds due to pressure from a zionist group, should make the whole university nervous, we stand for human rights and not for apartheid, we are people with a conscious, are we not?

  4. A university should not be subject to pressure from a group that advocates for a country that has violated international law repeatedly. The Goldstone Report has overwhelming evidence of the war crimes committed by Israel on the people of Gaza, and the siege is completely illegal. The people on the flotilla are going to risk their lives at the hands of the Israelis, who will fight with not just trained dogs but with lethal weapons on civilians. I stand with these heros, I’m glad for anyone else who stands with them, and they are so courageous.

  5. Regarding the comment of Haneen Filasteen, you should be ashamed to stand with your so-called heros who support Hamas and other Islamist terrorist groups who are not only a threat to the only democracy in the Middle East but to all non-Islamists, including non-Islamist Muslims. Advocates of women’s rights, human rights and the other principles of democracy should be speaking out strongly against Islamist groups such as Hamas rather than against the defenders of these priciples.

  6. Hasbara is the non sequitur device attempting to produce the Palestinian resistance to Israeli conquest and repression, as being THE REASON for Israeli conquest and repression.
    Anyone supporting Zionism has this twisted logic deeply stamped in their psyche.
    The Israeli occupation and usurpation of Palestinian land and resources, producing the largest refugee class in the world today, internationally demands that Israel is responsible for the care of this refugee class until it either removes itself from these lands, or it fully absorbs these refugees as free democratic citizens of the state.
    The responsibility of caring for these refugees does not fall on other nations, who if were to assume such, would be completely supporting Israel in its conquests, allowing it to exand its borders with no determinable end.

  7. If you’d like to get the facts, follow the Social Justice Centre on Twitter. The SJC is the resource group that made the initial donation.

  8. Great input Gordon: “If you want to know the REAL story, read only one side of the story”. Very typical of the campaign you are running and the arguments you are spewing.

    For more on the story, and the latest, refer to the school newspaper. These are the published articles, not opinion pieces. But I’m sure you think that’s one sided as well, hey Gordon (until it supports your claims).

  9. Palestinian leadership have so far repeatedly refused to negotiate in good faith and resorted to violence targeted against civilians, often using their own civilians such as hospitals and schools among whom they deliberately place their weapons. Palestinians have so far failed to have good leadership and instead elected Hamas true to its racist and religious supremacist ideology, its very Charter calls for destruction of the Jewish state who has been fighting for survival from the moment of its birth. Mistakes have been made by Israel too, but how do you expect Israel to be able to negotiate with the group intent on obliterating the Jewish state which will result with so called “the right of return”? People calling for “justice” for Palestinians seem to conveniently forget those 900,000 Jews driven out of the Arab lands where they had lived for hundreds of years before and after 1948, many risking their lives to leave their ancestral lands, losing all their possessions without compensation: Majority of the Jewish refugees were absorbed by the newly born Israel, learned a new language, started all over to rebuild their lives. Makes you wonder why the Arab lands, like Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen who persecuted and drove out the Jews could not offer safe haven for these Arab Palestinian refugees?

  10. Sisac seems to me to have nothing to ad but typical hasbara.
    The confiscation of Palestinian lands by endless waves of foreign Zionists being shipped over from other nations to assume lands, and push out traditional Palestinian Muslims from their territories, sadly produces the understandable fear of Jews among Muslims in surrounding lands as they witness this ongoing theft.
    This sad fear and its consequences are being used by Sisac once again as the REASON for Israeli territorial expansion.

  11. Well I see this as due diligence. Regardless of our opinions on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Hamas is on the terror list. Yes I know Hamas does not necessary mean Palestine, however I would seek legal clarification before I signed over money to what may be a terrorist organization.

  12. Free Lance, I believe all of the monies collected here are for humanitarian Palestinian relief, and not directly for Hamas, are they not?
    (Besides this, all of Hamas expenditures are themselves 90% humanitarian; you know this of course… right?)
    Personally, and I hope you would agree, I would not want to see anything going to the establishment of death/militarism on either side, and this includes the trillions of dollars of US debt that we US citizens, endlessly spend due to our bolstering Israel’s expansion, as well as our US repression of the Muslim street’s anger throughout the middle east due of this expansion.
    All of this leads to the terrorism of which you speak that Israeli expansionists claim once again as… another “reason” for its theft of land and resources.
    (This circular excuse would be funny if it were not so insanely horrific and ruinous to all, including Israel.)