Students continue to occupy McGill building

Protesters want radio station and QPIRG fees reinstated


It’s day three of an occupation of the sixth floor of the James Administration building at McGill.

It appears protesters didn’t plan for it to last so long. On Wednesday night, occupiers sent down a bucket on a rope to try and haul up food from supporters below. Security guards cut the rope.

Doug Sweet, Director of Media Relations for McGill, told the Montreal Gazette that, “hauling stuff up by rope to the sixth floor is potentially dangerous,” and could potentially “break windows.”

Students took over the building on Tuesday when about 60 showed up to protest the administration’s decision to not honour a referendum over the continuation of funding for two campus groups. Most protesters were in the lobby of the building and have since left.

The Quebec Public Interest Research Group, a social justice organization, and CKUT, a campus radio station, were funded mainly by student fees. Two-thirds of voters appeared to support continued student funding of QPIRG in the Fall 2011 vote, but the university’s deputy provost for student life and learning, Morton Mendelson, invalidated the question due to confusing wording.

In addition to reinstating student funding to both groups, protesters want Mendelson to be fired or to resign. They’re calling their protest Mendelson’s “surprise resignation party.” Twitter is abuzz about the “party” with the hashtag #6party. A blog claims to offer “communiques from the sixth floor.”

McGill Daily published a letter today from QPIRG that thanks protesters and demands that their funding continue. However, they will not run a question about funding in the upcoming referendum.

CKUT, on the other hand, will not only seek affirmation of funding, but will ask students to make their fee mandatory.  If passed, students who don’t support the station will not be able to opt-out.

Public Interest Research Groups have been controversial lately. Conservative students don’t want their student fees funding causes of the left, such as Israel Apartheid Week and anti-capitalism initiatives. Queen’s University students recently voted to stop collecting fees for a PIRG.


Students continue to occupy McGill building

  1. The safety of windows trumps starving students. Even the excuses the administration make are out of touch with reality. Propaganda at its worst. Solidarity with the students!

  2. The students should petition the United Nations Human Rights Commission! This is the worst violation of human rights since Rwanda!!

  3. The university may have a valid concern for their windows; though it’s more likely that they’re just trying to pressure the students. The building does, after all, belong to the university.

    Regardless, the students are not starving, they’re squatting. Should they be near death, their will to live will likely take over. They will leave and go buy food. So it is the students’ stubbornness that endangers them, not the school. They should have planned ahead!

  4. So is Macleans going to cover other universities going on strike in Quebec to combat the increased tuition fees? Or does McGill just matter more?

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