Students criticize Africentric high school

Online petition organized in opposition


A proposed Africentric program to be housed at a high school in Toronto’s west end is being criticized by students who say the plan could limit diversity. On Wednesday, the Toronto District School Board will vote on plans to incorporate the program into Oakwood Collegiate. Students, who, the Toronto Star reported on Sunday, were “blindsided” by the news have organized an online petition and a Facebook group in opposition to the proposal.

“Not that students are racist, but some parents could stop sending their kids because they could see it as potentially dangerous, which could reduce the enrolment of the school. The idea of segregation is not something Canadians like; we’re a mosaic of various cultures,” Grade 11 student Matthew Wong told the Star on Tuesday. Another student told CTV News that, “this is one of the most diverse schools I know. There are Asians, blacks, whites. It doesn’t matter. It is a diverse school.”

In 2009 an Africentric elementary program was opened at Sheppard Public School, and many who attend that school live in the same area as Oakwood Collegiate.

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Students criticize Africentric high school

  1. By having an Africentric program, the TDSB has basically alienated against all other cultures. There are no South-Americancentric programs, Or Carribeancentric programs or Asiancentric programs, there is only a Africentric program. That being said, the board is already considering a Portuguese program and who know perhaps other programs but that will lead to segregation because they would be making programs for all cultures eventually and everyone would be divided based on that system. Asians will go to the Asiancentric program,South Americans will go to the Southamericancentric program and that type of schooling will grow because every culture would want their own program. The best solution would be to add more courses, for example and African history course, South America history course, World Cultures. We already have World Religions, let us expand on courses like that, because then students will grow up with knowledge of all cultures not just one, which matches the atmosphere of the multi-cultural loving Toronto. Let us get to know each other together!

    • Totally agree Africentric programs are a good idea, but it would reach more students and start to challenge the Eurocentric miseducation that exsist currently…All Ancient Civilization lost or known where people of colour and thats just for starters…

    • What about the aboriginal centric, the lgbt centric, the french schools, the italian roman catholic, the french roman catholic, the ukranian roman catholic, the irish protestant, the “mainstream” white british etc systems? How has this not alienated other cultures. Maybe we need to look at south americanocentric programs, and carribean is included in the africentric. And why not Portugueseocentric and Asiancentric programs. If these people are failing in the western european centric/britiannicentric school programs why not?

      The best solution is not more courses, its more specialty schools that address people’s cultures.
      I believe an Asian system is the best for Asian students, an african system for african students, a british system for british descendant students and so on.

      The british centric school system of Canada or “mainstream” vilifies black cultures and views them as less than and WRONG.

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