Students not environmentally engaged -

Students not environmentally engaged

Sustainable choices too expensive and time consuming


Despite strong feelings about preserving the environment, students have a 10 per cent lower level of participation in environmentally friendly activities than the general public, according to recent University of Alberta research. The random survey of 350 U of A students found 70 per cent believed it was not cost effective to make environmentally friendly choices, while nearly half (45 per cent) said it would take too much time. However, 76 per cent of students said it was important to preserve the environment.

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Students not environmentally engaged

  1. Hypocrites!!! Students protest and denounce others but are too lazy to help the environment themselves. Maybe if we give them all free tuition they will spend a few pennies on the environment.

  2. Judging by the survey sample, title should read “U of A students are not environmentally engaged”. Even then, it would still not truly be reprensentative of the survey’s results. Basic journalism failure, yet again!

  3. ^^^Excuses, excuses, excuses!

  4. David, you must be a climate change researcher. When a suvey does not match your preconceived opinion, you denounce it a an incorrect failure.

  5. Young people have been beaten over the head with environmental issues since they were kids. They are tired of it now.

    I know a lot of children in their early teens and pre-teen age that completely reject AGW. They accept climate change but not the anthropogenic version. You might think that they have been indoctrinated perhaps at school, but nope, you’d be wrong. All of them go to liberal public schools which still show ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ over and over with no opposing films or opinions, the teachers openly blame humans for climate change, they ridicule any opposing views from their students, as a result most of the students have had enough and reject it all. I have been an environmentalist since 1970, and I have never seen anything like this. I have been saying for years that AGW will kill the environmental movement in the end. And now I’m seeing how; There is a whole new generation of kids who will not fill the ranks of the green movement in the future. They reject environmentalism outright. This is a green disaster in the making and it is just getting started.