Students pepper sprayed, arrested in Montreal

Riot police disperse some 2,000 protesters rallying against tuition increases


Student protesters in Montreal were pepper sprayed and at least four were arrested Thursday afternoon. Around 2,000 students had been demonstrating against the Quebec government’s plans to raise tuition by $325 a year for five years. Altercations with riot police occurred outside the Loto-Quebec building and officers chased several students down Sherbrooke Street, the Canadian Press reported. The protests coincided with a one-day strike by CEGEP students across Quebec.

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Students pepper sprayed, arrested in Montreal

  1. I guess earning a living isn’t something that’s taught at Universities these days. Try getting a part time job like pumping gas or waiting tables, like most motivated students would do. Taxpayers should pay primary, secondary and cegep. After that it’s up to you to earn your own post-secondary education and I would suggest not borrowing a lot of money to get a BA because everyone has one, so you will end fighting for jobs pumping gas and waiting tables against students who are much more motivated than you are.

    • Why would you make a comment like that? Protesting against the raising of tuition costs does not mean that these students are unmotivated. That’s a logical fallacy. The fact is that since a B.A. is so expensive, and since it doesn’t really mean as much in the open market (as you pointed out), it hurts students to have to pay so much for their education. By the way, pumping gas or waiting tables part time does not pay for the cost of University, unless you are taking classes part-time, in which case your degree would take you 6+ years. Most European University educations are almost completely state funded, and they have a much higher level of education over there, per capita. Isn’t that more valuable than slightly less taxes?

  2. As a student of the University of Ottawa, I currently am paying over $6000 in tuition fees, this is one of the most expensive Universities to attend. Currently, students who are residents of Quebec have it good since the tuition they pay is considerably less, however, I do feel for the out of province students who attend a Quebec residence.
    As for the actions for the police, it may not have been advisable to use pepper spray on students and then chase them as it might come back to haunt them. On the other hand, it wasn’t the smartest idea for the students to provoke the police as it makes them look immature and it proves that they aren’t competent to protest tuition hikes.

    • Police violence requires very little provocation these days and is hardly a sure sign of immaturity. We live in a police-controlled state.

  3. Low tuition rates and reduced funding from the Quebec government insures access to MEDICRITY. Huge classes, few if any student advisors etc. McGill and UdeM have somehow maintained a modicum of quality but not for much longer unless funding increases.

    • I propose lower tuitions and higher standards of education.

  4. The term democracy indicates a form of government where all the state’s decisions are exercised directly or indirectly by a majority of its citizenry through a fair elective process.


    What has happened to it?

  5. hello
    During this training should the officers be subjected to being tased and or pepper sprayed themselves?

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