Students protest Toews honourary degree -

Students protest Toews honourary degree

University of Winnipeg valedictoria slams Conservative cabinet minister


There was an uncomfortable moment Sunday at a convocation ceremony for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews when the valedictorian slammed her school for awarding the minister an honorary degree.

Erin Larson didn’t name Toews specifically, but told the audience she wasn’t proud to be sharing the stage with this year’s recipient of an honorary doctor of laws from the University of Winnipeg.

Rob McGregor, who earlier in the afternoon protested the decision to award Toews the degree, says Toews looked at his convocation program during Larson’s remarks.

The protesters argued Toews didn’t deserve the honour because of his opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, as well as other issues.

Larson also encouraged her fellow graduates to donate money to human rights causes rather than to the university’s alumni fund.

One person in the audience booed Larson, but McGregor says she received a standing ovation at the end of her speech.

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Students protest Toews honourary degree

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  2. …and while Toews was spending the Security budget chasing marijuana users, an advertised vehicle was driving all over Canada inhaling passwords and email. Intelligence agents of a foreign nature were collecting secret data in a routine, consistent and sustained manner using unspecified stealth technology. Yet, just last week Mr. Harper said ‘all Canadians should feel safe on the streets night or day.’ Will the security minister provide proper shielding for our communications hardware? Why are foreign agents allowed to obviously snoop inside our homes? Where were the Radio Rangers on this one? Can the Security Minister find a cricket in the woods? A high profile company used stealth radio wave technology all day, every day and no one thought to sniff a peak? Are we sold out of frequency meters? I understand there is no justice but I expect security. There’s a stranger in the House…probably got a lot of pals running in place by now too.

  3. Well I’d say Erin Larson has a strong future and the standing ovation says it all. It’s good that Larson stood up and spoke. Gotta admire the Canadian brave.